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I went to River Walk mall a couple of weeks ago in search of shoes. While walking about I saw an elderly woman who looked like she really took good care of herself to look younger.
She had on a beautiful outfit with magnificent shoes which were to die for and a gorgeous bag with beautiful accessories to top it all of. This fairly old woman was on point I tell you, I saw her as a regular at the gym.
Though this lady looked beautiful, something that was not part of her beauty really caught my eye. An added accessory that was walking hand in hand alongside her. The guy was looking fly and by judging by his looks I would say he is about 23 – 25 years of age while the lady on his side looked about 40 years old.
At first when I laid my gorgeous eyes on these two, I thought the guy was the son of the lady. But on paying closer attention, it became obvious that this was more than meets the eye – there was too much going on for a mother-son relationship. Yep! the hot young man is indeed the boyfriend, or whatever you want to call him. They looked very much in love, more like a match made in heaven!
There is a very high chance that this lady has children, after all she is old. After the thought of children pooped in my mind, I remembered a television show in which an 18-year old girl was complaining about her 38-year old mothers’ relationship with a 25-year old guy. The mother and the boyfriend were planning to get married, which hurt the daughter a lot. The girl said she felt uncomfortable with the mothers’ boyfriend as she didn’t know whether to call him her stepfather or uncle because the guy is just not old enough to be called either.
So thought of us the youth in Botswana, how do we feel about such things? Would you be okay with you mother going out with a much younger guy or maybe the guy being your age? Do you think it’s unfair of your mother to do such? Would you feel embarrassed of your mother? Would you feel uncomfortable with the boyfriend?
I’m a very reasonable person so I don’t think I would have a problem with such a situation, maybe I’m saying this because I haven’t been in such a situation. But really guys, if the people are in love then I think that they should be given a chance, at least to explain themselves. Let’s not be quick to judge when this happens. If at all you are in such a situation, talk to the people involved and let them know how you feel, try to come up to a solution to the problem. Communication and compromise is key. Come up with some arrangement that will accommodate both the people in the relationship and those affected be the relationship.

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This world is sick! anyway, makgoa bare age aint nothing bt jes a numb…. z long as theyr hapi im fime wit them


ofcoz true luv is wat matters most,,but hela hela its a bit weird en unacceptable in our culture,,,mare keng nothin can tsena between true luv….beliv me


Of coz true love blaah!blaah!
If its my mum, ke ka solofela gore a seka a expecta gore ke tseye that boy as daddy.

Miss p

ao batho le fa gotwe ke lone lorato…rona re tla ba bona kae ba tserwe ke bo mmarona

luv has no age limit nowadays


luv has no age limit nowadys ,,takin frm da exprnce im 26 datin a 37 yrs notin rong wth dat cos bankane ba rona ke mathata kana motse o agiwa ke dilo tse dintsi segolo bogolo morobalo so dis young ladies o kare ba adimile tsa bo….ke tsaa gore le a tlhaloganya betsho…


If its my mother then ill hve to address or talk to the man just like i can talk to my own agemates.No special respect towards him


age is just a number


nna ke agana betsho, age matters when people are not in same reasonable age group such as both being between 20 & 25, eseng 20 & 50. ao? anyway, thats my deinition of ‘reasonable’.aah!! ke mathata.


Wena kante mme o ne o shenametseng batho o sa ba itse…..

bloody shit

age is just a number



cool! its love,yoo nang le mathata ke gagagwe, they will have heart attach


to be honest I think we should be more tolerant as Batswana. Age is a subjective issue as long as they both feel they belong together people should allow them to be together. I mean it is alrite if the younger partner is in their 20s(applies for women too). If a women can marry a man 10+ older why shud it be wrong if a man wants to marry an older lady? its very hard to accept a step father or mother no matter the age.


keeng ga o tswela batho pelo? gare go roma gore o i misuse then o re tswele pelo. Ipatlele motho o tswe mo dingalong mmaetsho.


Hei! Batswana le rata ngwao tsa batho, ke busutlha go ratana le bana gale kare makgowa,kana ke ngwao ya bone,Stop coping culture ya sekgoa.


kegore hela re kare ke dilo tsa GABORONE ha gona gore go ka tweng,basimane ba teng ke DI-PHIRI ba ja matlalo


I like this a lot.


Ths is weird no wonder we are single!


its only a problem when boys go out with older women but when girls do it it seems ok to everyone. stop being biased and get on with it.after all they are adults.


am cool wit tat.girls date older men y shud nt we.gape women get better wit time…


LOVE? What is LOVE? Love is GOD and GOD is LOVE. LOOK. The world have sinned. Brothers and Sisters, Christ did it for all of us and we all know how to read. Then look at Genesis 1: 27-28; Gen 2:24; Proverbs 5:18-19; 1 Corinthian 6:13; 1 Cor 7:2-3; Hebrews 13:4; 1 Thessalanions 4:3-4; Acts 13:38-39; Roman 1:24 and 1 Corinthians 10:13 and many. Brothes and Sisters repent and do not depart yourself from the word of God. Fix your eyes in the Cross, time is short. Depart yourself from the world and children of the devil and you shall… Read more »


It will neva be ok. Le kgaeditswe ke go bonela bagolo.


40years old woman is not aged. I think she just kind find someone in her age group to appreciate her. The young man is a gold digger obviously and he is in for the change that falls off of the lady and then her car to pick his age mate girls for fun and passion. He is probably eyeing one of the daughters of this woman and as soon as he is accepted as a step guy, he will pounce on her like a cat on a mouse. He does not love that lady. That’s for sure.


togelang motho le suthu wa gagwe batho


age is nothing but a number,my foot…!how can i watch my own mother date my age mate?how would she expect me to respect her if she cant respect herself????I feel that most women who date young boys they are only looking for a fresh blood,something new and tasty,thats all,its not love because most of these guys are not really in love with them….WTF!!!!!

Name (required)

This is definately bullcrap, m glad my mum ain’t is a real woman just like my gal. Respect…..urself old ass women n you lil gold digging pricks! nxa…..


ke mathata waits, bana bao le bone ga ba nna sentle.

da brat

this is is how life is this days,young gals go for big guys and big guys misuse them seriously .they buy love.they are given bucs cell phones and all the like then they get ”finished” …

so what happens nex,?they cant satisfy small boys sexually and then bo big mama get the best,go ratwa bone.

my advice(to young gals)monate ga o fele togelang bagolo gore bankane ba lona ba le rate and stop demanding money for is not money .how can small boys keep young gals when all they want is money and them young guys ba sa bereke..


ooo nka sebona le nna kase gabutsa-gabutsa! Tswang mo dilong tsa batho!

O waiiii,go padile ke gotlhola go o mana rona batho bone ba ratana


A ngwana a tshele batho betsho,ngwana wa 16 yrs o ne a ntshitse monnamogolo wa 66 yrs di autu, ga le ise le bue sepe,KARE A NGWANA A TSHELE.

Lame Moraks

Thiz lady might be so damn sick, thiz is nt it. Re a lwala Batswana, a re itekeng tu…………


its life guys,we gals are dating sugar daddys bt no1 says anything so togelang ba bangwe bathong…we nid money frm sugars so boys too nid money frm our mums.

sis peo

ngwana ga a go ratile o dire jang ne batho… Gape bannabagolo ba rata bana ke gore fela re fapaane basadi to basimane, banyana to banna kana jang…


ha ha ha,ga le swabe.waitse lona batho ga le rate go bona batho ba itumetse..those 2 r so in love,lorato la bone le ka thabisa la gago lona bale bitter le itse gore those 2ppl r experiencing smthing that lona ga le se itse..
I like such ppl ka gore they live for themselves…

gaofenngwe m

nna ga kena mathata lese cause,our age mates ke mathata fela,u go for a night shift le ene she goes for it even though asa bereke the next thing wa ima a bo ago pateletsa,gape ba itsapa thata,with big ladies,they have learnt from their first mistakes so they keep it up to datye,u never mis anything considering love.


I do agree with everyone who says age is just a number because you count it every year or should i say add it up every year.But it is a different thing to sleep with anyone who is your child age or probably your brothers.I mean if you know your mum,aunty or any of the people you look up to is sleeping with someone your age,it is so awkward and it is something you cannot ignore or try not to mind about.I mean if you do,society will remind you as they will talk about it in your face.And it becomes… Read more »


i really agree with bigdick coz sleeping with a young woman its a nitemare tota ba adimile tsa bo ……… that is why i prefer older women who take care of their…..coz abusing that young women will not get married coz kuku ke lonyalo.


golo mo go tswa fela mo maikutlong a motho, nna really i dont mind malaitinyana a smart ke na le go ba tswela pelo but fela if go ka felela go diragetse i will tell him gore a se ntsee jaaka sugar mummy coz nna ga ke na madi so then we can hookup’ but fa atla ka bithinyana eo ae’ a sokele koo. but not difference ya bo ten years’ i dont feel comfortable but yo go mo siametseng i dont see any problm coz truly speaking we differ. gape remeber guys we ladies ga re bone batho bathong!… Read more »


to be fair and honest go tlhabisa ditlhong. mosadi yoo o ikutlwa jang a ipona a ikapolela lesea la gagwe? thats disgusting!!!!!!! shame on her, le ene lesea leo le tseega jang le ipona le le fa godimo ga mmaalona le dira tiro e masisi,le fa gotwe tsa toropo,nt like so.


i can only involve in this kind of issue if kele toy boy not my mom dating my age mate.


ke kopa mongwe yo o itseng these sukiri-mamas o ntshwarele a le mongwe tu…

marato..../[email protected]#

heelang ma14 r just too gud in bed.try em ladies le tla ikotlhaela gore ke bana hahahah…..

Da girl

Kare le mathateng tlhe ma 14 a pallwang ke life le tlhola le bogola batho. Owaii problem kegore you make them swim in deeper waters baa betwa thats y ba sia. I mean tota oka dumela go mediwa ke leruarua fela ole bona le butse legano. nnya! Gape stop talking bout your mothers because bone ba dira tsedi worse and should you discover otlaa go ja soda and die in shme.


I agree with you DAGIRL kana gape these guys ba sure story sa bone. Ga gona o go kopang madi, wena oa mofa ga onale one, adawise it is a normal relationship. Go rina mo nna le 14 le letse le rometse di flowers and a perfume for being a special woman in his life. Bravo!!!!!!!! will join you ko Dros on Sat please come letle go bogela a free show. Le ntapisitse, ke batla go le neela the benefit of the doubt.


hey guys i dnt c any problem with people dating each other,regardles of huge difference in their age.u know why?couz old man date young girls and now who will date old ladys


a go ithugisa ka bana bathong, ijoo!


kana da problem is ha mmago a jola le le 14 n wena ngwana wa gagwe o le arnd bo 17 or more kgantele le 14 le bata wena jaanong.Le a bona batsadi gore le re baya mo di situation tse di ntseng jang?Nna tota i dnt fil cm4table hela my mum a na le a younger man.Ga ke gane ga le kgone go bona batho bt at least if le decider go jola pliz dnt bring him home,ga go a siama the bathong


guys cum on thr s nothing wron with dat.true lov is ol what matters,but before dt parents shud talk le bana ba bone gore ke eng ba epha ma 14.communication is key and vital,besides feelings are inevitable and tru lov knows no limits nor boundries. nna ebile okare nka iponna magrizana.