Scores of Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) supporters descended on the capital of Barolong, Goodhope in anticipation of the announcement of who will contest the vacant parliamentary seat for the area.

Addressing the multitudes, who attended the Botswana National Front 50th anniversary celebrations, UDC President Duma Boko hinted that Kgosi Lotlamoreng Montshiwa of the Barolong will contest under the UDC banner.

“They did not know what the UDC is capable of. I have been coming to Borolong at night to make deals with the most senior person in the area to stand. I have assured his highness that I will be the campaign manager and all my members of parliament will rally behind him. You do not want to take chances when you are fielding royalty,” Boko said letting the cat out of the bag without realizing or perhaps he was simply playing to the gallery.

The Goodhope-Mabule paliamentary seat became vacant after its first ever opposition MP, James Mathokgwane resigned citing health reasons.

Paramount Chief of Barolong Letlamoreng II is tipped to represent the UDC in the coming byelection possibly in August.

He took leave from Chieftainship this past Tuesday.

Boko said the UDC will leave no stone unturned in ensuring the seat is retained by his party.

“We are going to win the Goodhope –Mabule in large numbers. Do not worry about people who leave us along the way. In any struggle, some people leave you along the way, it is normal. Don’t be disturbed as more of these people might jump ship along the way. We shall soldier on until we reach the Promised Land,” he said to a thunderous applause.

The UDC president also instructed all sitting councilors to help in the looming campaign.

He likened UDC to a party in waiting to take over Government.

“We are going to pull all the stops to retain this constituency. If it is money needed or whatever will be needed we shall provide. We are not going into this campaign without a budget,” he said.

He further advised his supporters to work hard in ensuring that the constituency is in the hands of the UDC.

By the time of going to press Kgosi Lotlamoreng was still to confirm his candidature for the race.

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