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With former President Robert Mugabe’s place of burial yet to be confirmed, his nephew, Patrick Zhuwao has warned President Emmerson Mnangangwa of spiritual vengeance if he dares arm twist the family to go against the former’s wishes.

Writing in his blog last evening, Zhuwao who is also a former cabinet minister and currently living in exile since the 2017 coup warned that those pushing for Mugabe’s burial at the National Heroes Acre were inviting the spiritual wrath of the whole clan.

“President Mugabe’s wishes on his final resting place must be respected irrespective of the desires and wishes of any politician, no matter what lofty positions or office they occupy. Those who know must never be threatened or intimidated.”

He added; “Let those who think they can torment President Mugabe’s departed soul and subjugate the wishes of the Gushungo (Mugabe’s totem) ancestors know that they are inviting the spiritual wrath of the whole clan. Be warned, you will never win that spiritual war.”

According to local media reports Mugabe made it clear that he wants to be buried next to his mother, at his home village of Kutama in Zvimba District, 85 km south west of Harare.

Mugabe, who breathed his last in Singapore last Friday aged 95 apparently died a bitter man following the army led coup that led to his ouster in 2017 as he felt betrayed by people he had loved and protected all his life.

Mnangagwa, declared the late Mugabe, who was his mentor cum enemy a national hero on Friday, meaning that he can be buried at the national shrine but that is yet to be confirmed as there is still the impasse between the family and the government.

On Tuesday, Mnangagwa met with some of Mugabe’s family members and tribal chiefs from his home village, apparently to plead with them to allow the late former leader to be buried at the shrine.

No official position was communicated after the meeting.

Meanwhile, Mugabe’s body is expected in Harare this afternoon.

According to earlier arrangements, it would then be flown to his home village before being flown again to Harare the following morning where it would lie in state at Rufaro Stadium on Thursday and Friday to allow members of the public from around the country to pay their last respects.

On Saturday, there will be a state funeral service where Foreign leaders are expected to attend.

Burial was initially set for Sunday though there were media reports that it has been postponed due to squabbles over his burial site.

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