Mugabe tastes own medicine
BITTER: Robert Mugabe

Court rules he resigned freely

Former President Robert Mugabe must be ranting and raving following a high court ruling that he freely and voluntarily resigned from office.

The ruling was delivered by chief justice, Luke Malaba on Tuesday before dismissing an application by some little known politicians who were seeking the nullification of president Emmerson Mnangagwa’s inauguration in November last year.

Mugabe tastes own medicine


These politicians, by the way, were more than likely sent by Mugabe so that he himself doesn’t seem to be fighting the current regime in court. It is a common practice in Zimbabwe for very little known people to be used to fight ‘big’ people’s wars.

The ruling must have come as a big shock to Mugabe and his people as the former feels he was hard done and betrayed by his former comrades.

That Mugabe is a bitter old man is no secret as he has spoken angrily against his ouster, even labelling the current regime illegitimate.

So for a chief justice to deliver such a ruling must have really made him livid and, sadly for him, there isn’t much he can do save nurse his emotional wounds.

While this ruling may be absurd in the sense that it is well known Mugabe had no choice but to resign subsequent to a coup and being placed under house arrest, it is very difficult to feel pity for Mugabe as he is now simply lying on the beds that he made.

During his time, Mugabe made sure his opponents never enjoyed fair trials in court. In fact, taking Mugabe to court was a waste of time as the verdict was already known, the old man was never a loser even in clear cases of violation of the law.

The late Morgan Tsvangirai must be smiling from his grave for he is one man who tried to fight Mugabe through courts – especially in matters related to elections and stolen victory – but never got any fairness because the then president had literally put the judicial system in his own pocket.

Now the same system has turned against him with a chief justice that he appointed ruling that he freely resigned – talk about bitter sweet irony!

I can imagine how hostile he became when he heard of this ruling. How dare the chief justice say he voluntarily resigned when army tanks and fully armed soldiers had surrounded his house and were ready to pull the trigger if he had continued to resist stepping down.

Well, what goes around comes around Mr former president!

Remember how you used to say our judicial system is very much independent even though it was clear it was working under instructions from the top. Maybe if you had allowed the courts to be independent and fair during your days, the ruling in this case would have been somewhat different.

So, accept the ruling that you freely resigned and move on Uncle Bob, after all the country’s judicial system is extremely impartial.

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Dont realy think this man who made his people suffer freely resigned because one could armoured tanks on the streets and a member of the army go on the screen that was seen around the world there seems to be alot of inhouse fighting due to his age and inability to run the country and one sees people in uniform on a screen it is obviously a Coup and inability of african leaders to resolve the issue anywhere they are all useless


Also in the elections the zimbabwean people abroad and in other regions are not allowed to vote ? how odd


Most of the newspapers here do not make a comment about refugees for many many years and only now doing so about the namibian refugees there are many refugees in the region and the failure by the media and SADC to highlight the plight of refugees/migrants and to intervene where necessary to give them assistance they need . They should not say these are challenges it is their baby SADC must do more instead of calling everything a challenge


Not enough has been done about this old thief he has properties in the Far East and South Africa including those who were in positions with him


What a load of rubbish this man has said in a recent interview shown around the world on the eve of elections, that he was tormented, and the people that removed him are terrorists. they are same birds of a feather. ( He murdered 20 000 people in a place called Matebeleland by north Korean trained soldiers and nothing was done to bring him to justice) He is an aboslute disgrace and he and those around him should have been dealt with along way back by organisations like SADC) He was speaking from his posh home dubbed the Blue Roof… Read more »


“Former First Lady Grace Mugabe has disclosed that she externalised money to buy properties abroad. Grace is quotes by the South Africa’s Sunday Times, declaring that she and her husband bought two properties in South Africa and Hong Kong. “In South Africa I bought a dilapidated house, I wanted to bring it down, demolish some parts and to renovate the house,” she said. Grace also admitted to renting a house in Dubai for Robert Mugabe Junior when he was studying there and reportedly paid $500 000 per annum in rentals. According to media reports, the Hong Kong property was bought… Read more »