Mugabe on a revenge mission
PLANNING A COMEBACK: Former President, Robert Mugabe

There surely are no permanent friends or permanent foes in politics.

Who would have thought former vice president Joice Mujuru would smoke the peace pipe with ex- president Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace after what they did to her? And who would have thought Mugabe would one day be an opposition figure?

If media reports are anything to go by, then Zimbabwe’s political landscape is headed for an intriguing twist just when we thought the coup that led to Mugabe’s demise had topped it all.

Apparently Mugabe and Mujuru met on Tuesday and he allegedly apologized for sacking her from her then position and the ruling party claiming that he had been ill advised by President Emmerson Mnangagwa that she (Mujuru) was planning to topple him.

Mugabe chose to forget that the onslaught on Mujuru was actually led by Grace and so was the attacking and subsequent sacking of Mnangagwa.

Anyway that is another story for another day.

In fact Mujuru confirmed the meeting saying she was happy to have spoken to Uncle Bob for the first time since her sacking in 2014.

What she however did not confirm, even though it is talk of the town is speculations that they spoke about forming a pact to contest in the forth-coming elections.

Now that these two have a common enemy, Mnangagwa they have seen it convenient to put aside their differences and deal with their nemesis.

It is no doubt that Mugabe is still like a wounded bull and ready to hit back and get his revenge because of the way he was toppled when he least expected it.

For 37 years Mugabe thought he was untouchable, he thought he would rule the roost till he dies but his former allies did the unthinkable and showed him the exit door.

One thing that can never be denied is that although old and uninspiring as a leader, Mugabe had and still has loyal supporters, both in urban and rural areas who will not think twice about voting for him if he were to contest in an election.

If indeed Mugabe is behind this new political outfit called the United Patriotic Front, which is being touted by his loyalists who include some former cabinet ministers and other Zanu PF members then Mnangagwa has a reason to be afraid.

Mugabe on a revenge mission
ZIMBABWE PRESIDENT: Emmerson Mnangagwa

In fact he must be even more afraid because of reports that this party will form a pact with Mujuru.

Although chances are high that Mugabe will not be actively involved, the fact that he will endorse the party and the pact should send shivers down Mngangangwa’s spine for this will definitely be a game changer in local politics and the elections.

The thing is, Mugabe and his supporters know the system very well, which will not make it easy for Mnangagwa and his people to manipulate in their favour.

In the past, Zanu PF was dealing with an opposition, which could easily fall prey to rigging but not anymore because as political commentator, Alex Magaisa said, it will be Zanu PF A vs. Zanu PF B vs. MDC-T and others.

Oh and by the way, former cabinet minister and Mugabe’s nephew, Patrick Zhuwawo made an interesting if not a bizarre revelation on twitter.

He revealed that there is ‘spiritual’ woman employed by Zanu PF whose job description at the party includes consulting spirit mediums and the occult.

And apparently the gods revealed to her that Mngangangwa’s reign would be short.

“The poor lady is currently grappling with how she can inform Mnangagwa that, on her latest visit to the spirit medium, he was given only five months to go,” he wrote. Things people do and believe in. Very strange!

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