A large cup of coffee on the go always gets my day going, then for lunch,a sandwich and fruit.

Feeling light and energetic is the aim for maximum productivity.

I normally don’t feel hungry in the mornings, and coffee is not good for the body as the first and only thing to have as breakfast.

In my journey of practicing more healthy habits, including something for breakfast has become a priority, and thanks to this freezing weather, making healthy delicious muffins is more reason to bake throughout the season!

Happiness is homemade 

They consist mostly of fruit than baking flower or sugar, which makes these a healthier option.

Try this recipe for breakfast ideas on the go!

Don’t be Afraid to take whisks!


• Baking Flower 2 cups
• Bicarbonate of Soda 1 tsp
• Baking Powder 1 ½ tsp
• Pinch of salt

Make sure to whisk in the dry ingredients thoroughly.


• Large ripe Bananas *4
• Large Apples *2
• Large Carrots *3
• Mixed dried raisins ½ cup
• Eggs *4
• Butter ½ cup
• Vanilla extract 2 tbsp
• Brown Sugar 1/3 cup

Good things come to those who bake

In a large bowl, mash the ripe bananas until they are evenly broken down, grate carrots and apples then combine this mixture with the rest of the wet ingredients.

Combine the dry and wet ingredients by adding small amounts of the flour combination into the banana combination. Fold in the mixtures or stir gently.

The secret ingredient is always love

Bake at 150degrees for 45mins

Fresh batch: sweet aroma fills up the kitchen 

This recipe makes one tray of these yummy bakes! They are an effortless breakfast idea and also great for snaking in between meals.

Enjoy: life is what you bake of it 

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