Mteezy’s message

27-year-old Bongani Ngwenya, who goes by the stage name Mteezy Da Praiser, will drop his third single in July.

Sung in Kalanga, the track is a gospel rap number titled ‘Ndintungwa’ (I am the messenger).

The self-employed religious rapper broke onto the music industry back in 2017 with his debut single ‘Demons Away’ which was swiftly followed by ‘The Mountain’.

He is now on a crusade to preach the word of God.

“Ndintungwa means I am a messenger sent by God to save the world with his words. It is recorded at Street Juice Entertainment by Musa. I featured Romeo Stunner and Shazy Kim.

“I already performed it at a few events including the church,” he told Voice Entertainment, adding he does not fear competition as his ‘music is unique’.

“With my music I am not after money; my mission is to serve people with the word of God! I wish youth can put their lives before God. Looking at the rising number of passion killings in the country, youth lack teachings – they do not understand themselves. They are perishing as the bible says, my people perish because of lack of knowledge!” closed the young artist.

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