Mr Price Group eyes FWB
Serge Kabisoso

Next weekend the city capital will host the biggest fashion event in the country dubbed Fashion Without Boarders (FWB).

At the event, African giant, Boss Model Management, will be scouting for potential local talent whilst the Mr Price group who will also be scouting for local designers.

One of the organizers of the popular fashion event, Serge Kabisoso, dishes in on the two day event saying the theme for this year is “ prêt-a-porter; ready to wear.”

But the big announcement and perhaps the most exciting feature to the event is the participation of the Mr. Price group.

This has been tipped to create more buzz around the event, raising even bigger expectation from our designers.

“Basically what it means is that the Mr Price group will be scouting for new talent and if they are impressed by the talent that I personally know about and have come to appreciate, they have vowed to invest and we would be having a Motswana designer also sell their designs to a global shop like Mr Price,” Kabisoso said.

Kabisoso also said that there will be new editions to the two day event which will come in the form of the Ineeleng Kavindama Fashion award.

The winner of the award will walk away with a P5 000 cash price and a return flight ticket to the prestigious Johannesburg Fashion Week 2017.

At the FWB event, Black Entertainment Television (BET), is expected to cover the proceedings which will air out to the rest of the world soon after the event.

Previously the local show was aired on South Africa’s Selimathunzi and the Vuzu channel.

He continued: “Well, one thing I wish to mention is that patrons should not get it confused that the first and the second day are all the same. What will be happening on the first day will be very much different from that of the second day. On the first day we will be having different designers showcasing their pieces in what we have called fashion meets poetry, whilst the last day will have a different set of designers.”

The event has become a seminal date in the country’s fashion calendar and this year it will be in its third year running.

The fashion show was launched in the country back in April 2015 at the Central Business District (CBD).

Then the organizers shared that the aim of the event was to create a platform for local and upcoming models and designers to showcase their talents.

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