CAUSE FOR CONCERN: MPs are said to be in default

Members of Parliament are said to be behind in paying of their contributions for utilities at parliamentary flats, it has been revealed.

While MPs had moved out of the houses in 206/17 period to allow for renovations at the flats, since moving back into the houses during the 2017/2018 year, the legislators are said to have not contributed towards their share of utilities.

This has been revealed in the Auditor General’s report released earlier in the week, which shows that since moving back into the flats, legislators have not shown effort to pay their share.

“A review of the parliament’s accounts for the financial year 2017/2018 had revealed that, although the Honourable Members had moved back into the flats, there was no provision in the accounts for the provision of this revenue”, wrote the Auditor General, Pulane Letebele saying this resulted in none being collected.

A look on trend of collections under this item indicates that the omission in the year under review was a result of consistent gradual reduction of the receipts over the last six years, said Letebele.

Letebele says she is at loss to understand the phasing out of this source of revenue without clear justification.

She says MPs should be vigorously followed up to ensure that they made a fair contribution for the utilities consumed in their flats.

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