MP Majaga claims witch-hunt

An 11-year-old case in which Nata-Gweta Member of Parliament, Polson Majaga is amongst five accused allegedly caught in possession of carcasses suspected to have been stolen, appeared before Francistown Magistrates court on Monday.

The incident dates back to August 16, 2006 and is not the first time it has been brought before court – much to Majaga’s annoyance.

The 42-year-old MP is furious that the matter repeatedly resurfaces during the lead-up to an election period.

He is adamant this is not a coincidence and believes it is a campaign by his political enemies to smear his name.

Describing the process as a ‘political witch-hunt’, speaking to The Voice after his latest court appearance, Majaga said, “This case was brought in 2009, 2014 and now they see that we are going for ‘buleladitswe’ it has started again. The matter only comes up during the election period.

“How can the same matter take 13 to 15 years and when it gets to court it appears as a new matter and there is nothing moving. It has been to the High Court then back to the Magistrates Courts again. In 2007 the matter was withdrawn and I was not among the accused.”

The Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) member went on to say, “I became the accused when I wanted my meat they took from my butchery and I summonsed the state P8, 000 for the meat.”

During Monday’s hearing, Majaga and his co-accused applied for a permanent stay of prosecution – a move that the state will have until the 20th of July, when the case is next before court, to finalise their argument for opposing the motion.

Majaga’s fellow accused include: Semphete Malindi, 53, Goletswang Mpule, 62, Shadreck Mochabange, 39, and 31-year-old Tshokolo Mochabange.

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