CONFIDENT: Motswaledi

The President of the Botswana Movement for Democracy( BMD), Gomolemo Motswaledi has crushed  allegations that some of his party’s top members were on the verge of  defecting back to the BDP.
Speaking at a BMD mammoth rally in Old Naledi last week Sunday Motswaledi said,
“My colleagues are as strong and as dedicated to this movement as ever.BMD was founded on very clear principles that are unassociated with both the history of political activity of its members or even circumstances of the current coalition.What was, was and what is, is. I don’t lose sleep over the party leadership loyalty to the ideals of this party.”
Articulating BMD policies to the people, Motswaledi said that the BMD was a party whose existence was driven by a focus on building and sustaining a strong organization, a party which clearly articulates its living political platform throughout the course of its existence, a party which aims to be on the cutting edge of the 21st century mobilization and outreach to the electorate while presenting a strong case for being ready for assumption of state power as steering the people’s aspirations.”
He further told the gathering that the party was also committed to continuous learning as a function of ensuring gainful change leadership and change management on the national and global scale.

Describing the BMD as a  serious party in the opposition realms that has a high regard for a progressive sense of nationhood, Motswaledi noted that the BMD shall tackle the ruling party hard as it has always done but allow such to be done with a spirit of good judgement in accordance with the values of the people of the country and their spirit of BOTHO.
“We will continue to disagree with the ruling party most vehemently but we will not define our political culture on account of how we disagree with them but on how we would like to carry out our political business.” The  pulse of the people will guide how the BMD will be humane yet uncompromising on demand for good governance.
“We will scratch where it itches, without losing focus and the focus of our politics has never and never will reside in bitterness, anger and intolerance. There surely are many things that differentiate us from the ruling party because they prefer over centralization of government services and systems and we believe in the need for decentralization; they believe in over-regulation of many spheres of national life and we believe in such empowerment of the people that encourages creative diversity and intellectual freedom.”

At the BMD they believe in self-regulation, initiative and prosperity that is people driven with government only playing a facilitator role, he noted.   Critisising the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) for attempting  to privatise  when the capacity to do so was lacking, he said.
“We believe in the centrality of research and development in the 21st century economy while they enjoy the fad and not the fact; they believe in powerful individuals and government while we believe in powerful institutions, strong yet enabling regulatory systems and enthused players.  We believe in a strong education system that prepares players for growth and competition, while they believe in a convenient channel through which our boys and girls are taken through with little if any attention on the ultimate consequence, the list is endless,” he said captivating his attentive audience.

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Kante yo oa te a mome molomo? Kante ha e le gore BMD e ka kgona BDP ka 2014, ke eng ba bata Umbrella? They are lying. BMD is a ploy by the BDP. They have long been looking for a way to renew their policies and the BMD is just the way to go. This is not a new party. It is the old party in new colours. Why do you think they invite Kwelagobe to come to their rally? Or Ian to come for the wedding of Ntuane. Batswana have been had. We need a serious opp. party… Read more »


@ Tubeless… As for wedding, really one can invite whom they feel or closely related to… Besides that, I agree with you, BMD is just a ploy to offset the opposition gains from many years of hard work. We are likely to see BDP also change its colors and try implementing direct presidential election… We will be watching.


its funny how people read an article and make comments in their own assumptions as if they didn’t read, why talk about go mona melomo, one can just show how bitter they are in their first line of comments. its only that people tend to forget the role of opposition, you can not always be shouting to the incumbent government you need to plead with it sometime if you really care about making changes…


Bona molomo wa teng, maswe a badimo a natural. Dont smile please. BDP is winning come 2014 boy