Controversial lawyer, Lyndon Tiro Mothusi’s woes continued this morning as his family was taken in for questioning by the police on suspicion of a staged arson after his house was gutted by fire.

Mothusi confirmed his ordeal to The Voice in an emotional interview in front of what remains of his home.

When The Voice team arrived at the scene Mothusi had just been discharged from hospital and he narrated the ordeal.

“I had just arrived home with my son from dealing with the story that you ran. It was just before midnight and we found my wife, my other children and the house helper had already gone to bed,” Mothusi explained.

The veteran lawyer, who was at one point struck off the bar following fraud allegations, said he went to bed just after midnight and was awoken hysterically by his wife.
“ The house was engulfed in fire, and I mean big fire, I thought of my children who where in the other rooms and we managed to rescue everyone out of the house after a struggle because of the burglar bars,” he said.

Mothusi said although he has no suspects in mind, he believes there was a motive behind his attack.

Last week Mothusi appeared on the front page of The Voice newspaper after the owner of Berea Security, Jobela Masole, accused the lawyer of defrauding his company of over P100 000 following a court case he had won against University of Botswana.

Although Mothusi denied any involvement by his client in the apparent arson, he confirmed that it was only the Berea Security company file that has been burnt. “I took the file with me from the back office to the house because I was working on the case. It is the only case that has been on my mind and now the papers are gone,” he said.

“I am in this predicament and my family has been taken in by the police for questioning. I am a suspect in this case but look at my house. My children and wife are traumatized and I am the suspect. Why would I do this to myself,” Mothusi said further adding that there was no way he would deliberately burn down his house because the case against him by the complainant, who are his client has been withdrawn from the law society and from the police.