Mother slits son's throat
UNDER ARREST: Katlego Queen Lejaga is suspected of killing her son

*The murder followed custody dispute with ex-boyfriend

*Accused to undergo psychiatric examination

A young mother who was desperate to keep her son away from his father is in police custody for the gruesome murder of the two-year-old toddler after she allegedly slit his throat with a bread knife last Saturday.

Terrified that she was about to lose custody of her baby boy, 27-year-old Katlego Queen Lejage is believed to have taken matters viciously into her own hands resulting in the tragic death of little Jason Lejage.

Katlego is said to have pinned the deceased down onto her bed using her right knee, before cutting his throat and then watching him die at their Magwading ward home.

She is then said to have caught a taxi to Central Police station where she reported the grisly incident.

The case was subsequently passed on to Tlokweng Police due to its closer proximity to the crime scene.

Facing a single count of murder, the diminutive Katlego appeared before Extension II court on Monday under heavy police escort, using a thick purple blanket to hide her face.

Listening stoically to the details of the case, presiding Magistrate Jobbie Gaosikelwe ordered the suspect be taken for psychiatric examination. He also ruled that Lejage be remanded in custody.

Further investigations carried out by The Voice revealed that Katlego had been involved in a bitter dispute over custody rights to Jason with her ex-lover, and the child’s father, Alan James.

Prior to Jason’s death, James is believed to have become increasingly concerned at Katlego’s erratic behaviour, reportedly informing Tlokweng Police that he feared for his son’s life whilst he was in his mother’s care.

Sadly, his fears appear to have been all too accurate.

When questioned on the custody battle, the devastated father declined to comment as he struggles to come to terms with his son’s callous demise and the huge hole it leaves in his life.

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