Boy raised in an orphanage regrets meeting his mom

He spent 11 years at an orphanage in Gaborone yearning and pinning to meet the woman who brought him into this world.

He wanted a heart to heart conversation with her and hoped that the discussion would lead to a lifetime experience of what a mother’s love which he missed all those lonely years felt like.

Maybe they could even make up for lost time, talk and get to know each other better.

But 18-year- old Laone Raleru’s dreams were dashed to pieces the moment his wishes were granted and now he regrets ever meeting the woman he calls “mother.’

Since their re-union in 2010 the young man’s life has taken a turn for the worst.The latest being expulsion from school.

Although he does not remember how he ended up at SOS children’s village in Gaborone, Raleru does know that his mom abandoned him when he was still a baby and that he was taken in by his mother’s cousin who could only take care of him until he was two years old.

“After losing her job my mother’s cousin could not take care of me anymore and had to seek help at the SOS where I stayed until 2010,” said Laone.

In 2008 his mother Keamogetse Raleru, 36, came back into the boy’s life talking about how she wanted to be his mother again.

“Although I was happy to see my mother it took me about a year to get used to the idea and I had to go through counseling.

Only in 2010 when I was 14 years that I agreed to go home.Little did I know what was in store for me!” he said.

A few months after moving in with his mother the abuse started.


“She seemed to enjoy insulting me. Her favourite line was that I was spoilt by the government.

And then she began to lock me outside the house,” he said.

He was a form 3 student by then and when the abuse took its toll on him,Laone found solace in drugs and alcohol.

“This woman ruined my life. I regret meeting her because had I stayed at SOS I could have done well at secondary school just like I did when I got a second class at standard 7.

Look at me now, I got a D in form 3 and I was chased form Gaborone secondary school for absenteeism this year because she wouldn’t give me transport money from Molepolole to Gaborone”, he explained.

Their aunt Kuki Baatweng who has taken in Laone and his little brother Aobakwe Raleru after their mother chased them away from home this Monday shared the kids’ sentiments.

Flabbergasted Kuki told of how she received a call from her husband who told her that the kids had just come back from the police station after their mother got them arrested for disturbing her peace on Monday.

“I couldn’t help but cry wondering why a mother would get her own children that young arrested by the police for no apparent reason.

“When I asked she said they were disrespecting her and disturbing her peace so she wanted them arrested and taken out of her house.” Kuki narrated.

Asked about how they were taken to the police the younger brother Aobakwe Raleru said it was around 8pm when they heard a knock on their door.

When they opened police handcuffed them and took them to the Police station.

“I was scared of the police and when they asked me why we were troubling our mother I didn’t know what to say.

My mother felt I was being disrespectful and advised the police to slap me which they did seven times and chased me out saying I was making noise in their office”, claimed the 16- year old.

Aobakwe added that when they returned from the police station they found their mother had locked them out and that’s how they ended up at their aunt’s house.

Reached for a comment the unrepentant mother did not deny that she had locked her house and left for the desert race on Friday and returned on Monday.

“They were not home when I left. What was I supposed to do, leave my house unlocked?

These kids are very rude to me and have no appreciation for what I have done for them.

Laone is misleading his younger brother. I only called the police just to scare them a bit and they were never beaten by anyone, instead they decided to be stubborn when questioned by the police,” she stated.

Keamogetse is adamant that her two children do not deserve any sympathy from either her relatives or anyone else because they are disrespectful and stubborn.


She has since instructed her kids not to go and live with anyone else she knows and has confiscated their IDs and birth certificates because “she is the one who made them.”

Meanwhile there seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel, as Kuki has confirmed a meeting with Molepolole social work department.

“They are working on finding a boarding school for Laone, what’s left now is where he will go during school vacations because I fear his mother”.

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