A  nursing mother and her four- months old baby were killed when a suspected drunken driver plowed into their house on Saturday night.

RUINS: Drunken driver crashes house

The 28- year- old mother of twins was sleeping in her bedroom with her children, Katlo and Catalog, in the mining town of Selebi-Phikwe when a Toyota Camry crashed into her living room and went out through the bedroom, running over the sleeping family and demolishing part of the house.

The surviving twin was on Wednesday fighting for his life in hospital while the woman’s husband and father of the boys, escaped unharmed as he was in the kitchen eating his late supper when tragedy struck.
The driver of the Camry was also not injured in the freak accident.
Selibi-Phikwe police station commander, Victor Nlebesi said that  although the driver of  the Toyota Camry was suspected to be drunk because of his uncoordinated movement and slurred speech at the time,he refused to be tested for alcohol presence in his blood.
“The young man who is scheduled to appear in court on Friday did not admit charges. He  also didn’t seem to have  understood the gravity of the accident  he has caused, perhaps because we have not yet had a chance to take him to the scene where an angry crowd has been gathering everyday threatening to lynch him.”

Nlebesi went on to appeal to drivers in Phikwe to drive carefully to avoid causing accidents. This year alone Selebi-Phikwe has recorded 14 fatal accidents since January and five of those were committed in the month of June, which coincided with the mine’s final gratuity payouts that have been happening as the copper and nickel mine transitions from the gratuity system to a pension system.

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The car went thru two bedrooms and the husband was treated for shock cos yes he was in another room eating.You guys give Phikwe a bad name.I am on the A1 every week and of late i seeing horrific accidents on it.


fAILURE TO PRODUCE breath specimen shows that he was drunk. The police could have given him to the mob for a while to discipline him

Daniel Ben

Mo kego sulafaletsa banwi ba bojalwa drink ya bone fela.O tsile go utlwa a thamalala fela a re not guilty. waitse molao le o ne o swele ka rre.A Modimo a nne le family ee phirimeletsweng e ka nako tsotlhe.


I surely agree with you, he needed the mob to solve him before the law takes its cause.


ke gore gatwe ke ngwana wa ga mang tota a bosula jaana satan yo. o ka bo a bonwe pele ke sechaba sa mo thothora bojalwa go se gonene.


selo sa go ka a swa,sis!! O ntenelang tota. A Modimo o le gomotse batho betsho


ao batho..go bothoko jang heish!batho ba bangwe ga ba nwe bojalwa sentle waitse.


mfana yo o batla go gagamadiwa phogwana o ka bolaya batho ba ithobaletse eses!!legale modimo o tla mo atlhola