Moswaane defends Charma Gal

Eke Ntolo leader and founder, Magdeline Lesolebe, popularly known as Charma Gal came under attack on Sunday during the burial of one of her late dancers as mourners demanded to know her whereabouts.

The late dancer, Onalenna Pini Thebeetsile, 24, was buried at Gerald Estates cemetery in Francistown following her death in a car accident that also claimed the lives of four other dancers.

Scores of musicians in the country’s second largest city braved the biting cold to attend the burial where residents were also apparently expecting to see Charma Gal.

Most residents were overheard accusing the artist of not caring about her dancer now that she is no more.

“O kae ene (Where is) Charma Gal?” rhetorically asked one mourner at the funeral.

As the whispers of anger and disapproval gained momentum they reached the ears of Francistown West legislator Ignatius Moswaane who was also at the funeral.

“Please, let us stop the evil talk that is going around in this funeral,” pleaded the lawmaker as fellow dancers tried in vain to give a brief account of how Thebeetsile met her fate.

“Charma Gal lost five dancers during the accident and the funerals are all being held today (Sunday). Surely there is no way she can attend all the funerals.”

The former Francistown City Council (FCC) mayor pleaded with the people not to tarnish Charma Gal’s name saying further accusations on Charma Gal were uncalled for considering the magnitude of the tragic accident.

Moswaane said Charma Gal had contributed a lot of money towards the funeral showing that she appreciated working with the late dancer besides contribution from the Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Fund.

The five dancers perished in a road accident on July 10 on their way to Gaborone from Gantsi where they had a musical show.

Thebeetsile lost her life alongside Kgakgamatso Konti, Phemelo Jakobisi, Mercy Mafoko and Caprio Dikoko when the vehicle they were traveling in burst a tyre before overturning several times.

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