Moshupa class of 96 awards students
PROUD: Class of 96 with one of the recipients

Moshupa Senior Secondary School (MSSS) Class of 1996 came together and showed gratitude to their former school by giving prizes worth P20, 000 during the school’s prize giving ceremony on Friday.

The former students, who graduated from the school 20 years ago said they believe this was an important undertaking that has the potential to strengthen unity among the communities of Moshupa and Thamaga by awarding the present form 4 and form 5 students.

Against the backdrop of recent criminal activities by the youth in the village, the Class of 96 motivated the students to continue taking care of the school facilities by not vandalizing them and to become a source of pride for the institution.

In 1996 the school attained an impressive 5th national position in COSC exams with a record 28 first class passes.

One of the committee representative from the Class of 96 Mokgweetsi Kgaladua said: “We want you to come back here in the future and celebrate like we are doing today. We want you to be symbols of gratitude for having been products of this school like we are today. I believe you would love to be remembered with the good deeds during your stay here,” he said and added: “let me borrow from the words of Swaneng Class of 96 at an occasion of this kind last week. They said “our resources are small but our hearts are big”. Indeed great minds think alike, we hope our contribution in this regard will go a long way in motivating our brothers and sisters to do even better from today onwards”.

About twenty seven students were given awarded from five academic subjects.

The overall best student in Form 4, Keabetswe Tsalaile and form 5 Kaone Ramphanana, were each awarded a trophy and a laptop.

The school head, Patrick Phiri, noted that they are challenged by a number of student drop outs due to teenage pregnancy.

He however appreciated the Class of 96 for their hard work and commitment.

The event ended amid jubilation as the school choir, traditional dance and drama groups provided entertainment.

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