NOT AMUSED: Morupisi

Permanent Secretary to the President (PSP), Carter Morupisi, says former president, Ian Khama, has been ungrateful despite government caving in to most of his demands.

Morupisi told a press conference last Friday that government went to the extent of breaking the law by going out of its way to meet some of the demands that Khama was not entitled to.

The PSP further said he takes full responsibility for breaking the law, noting that he will have to account to the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

“He asked for some of the State house staff, he asked to leave with some of them and we gracefully agreed. The number of staff he is entitled to assist him at home has exceeded by 13 people. So you can imagine, had we known that this will happen we would not have given in to some of the demands,” said the PSP.

Morupisi-who jokingly said he was aware that some people call him ‘Hitler’ further said; “We broke the law. Another problem the former President has is that of his travel means. And I will tell you today that of the eleven times he has asked for flights, Government has turned down his request only four times. What scares me is that he (Khama) then goes to lawyers to try and sue Government,” he said.

“Former President Festus Mogae was allocated P160,000 for staff overtime payment for the 2018 /2019 financial period and Rre yole ( Khama) was allocated P650,000. Mogae used P109,000. Khama used P540,000 mainly for time his staff spent at soup kitchen and playing football,” said Morupisi lamenting on how Government extended an extra hand to Khama’s demands.

Morupisi further said that whilst the search for Khama’s senior private secretary is still on, they could not hire his preferred candidate (Isaac Kgosi) because, the former spy chief had been fired from a government job.

Morupisi said it would have been untidy for the same government to then hire Kgosi. “However, we are still looking for someone to take the position, but ba gana go bereka le rre yole. Ba nna maoto a tshupa,” Morupisi said.