Moonlit motor magic
DUSTY DELIGHT IN THE DARK: Action from the 2016 event

Riding and adventure lovers are in for a treat when Muddy Face Events host the second Makgakgadi Moonlight Adventure 40 kilometers south of Mokubilo village in a fortnight.

Mokubilo is roughly 100km from Francistown along the Orapa road.

The event, which includes motorcycle and bicycle riders doing their thing in the moonlight, is timed to coincide with the eclipse of the moon and the full moon which will this month occur on the 27th and 28th respectively.

According to Lola Berrie, who co-owns Muddy Face with local motorsport pin up Ross Branch, the event, which was introduced in 2016, could not be held last year due to heavy rains, but this year it will be, the tire paint pen services will even be provided to all motorcycle owners.

“We could not have the adventure because the pans were too wet. This year we decided to move it Mokubilo from Gweta where we had the first one as it is wet again,” Berrie intimated to Voice Sport on Wednesday afternoon.

The motorsport buff went on to say this year’s event promises to be bigger than the last as 140 riders and cyclists, as well as 400 others who want to be part of the adventure without doing any riding, have signed up.

“We already have more people registered than we had at the first moonlight adventure and expect more to register in the next two weeks. We are pleased with the growth as this event is not only about riding but promoting tourism as well,” she said.

Quizzed on the event’s benefit to tourism, Berrie said this year’s event will have riders and none riders do The Heritage trail.

“On Saturday participants will have the chance to see the Mmakgama Ruins, the Kaitshe Escarpment, Mmea Pan and the Toragaraa. This should be fascinating to any tourist and adventure lover,” Berrie said.

The Mmakgama Ruins, thought to have been built in the 14th century, are ruins of a sacred worship place of the Great Zimbabwe Empire.

The Kaitshe Escarpmet overlooks the Makgadikgadi Pans and on it can be found a mortar free wall, as well as tools and pottery dating back to the stone-age.

The Mmea Pans is special as it is one of the few pans that hold water for the whole year due to its solid bottom formed by years of environmental turmoil. It also houses the Toragaraa, which translates as ‘Dishes of the ancestors’ and consists of dish-like rock formations that were slowly formed over millions of years because of environmental factors and elements such as salty water, heat and flooding and the erosion of rocks in the pan.

Meanwhile, the registration for the event, whose grand prize is seven nights at The Rising Sun Lodge in Mozambique, is P150 per night for adults whilst children do not have to pay.

Registration takes place at the The Moriti wa Selemo Lodge, a short distance from the event sight.

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