Drums rolled and guitars strummed last weekend at Masa Square Hotel as the popular Jazz X Change brought together music lovers at their 34th monthly jazz session that featured jazz outfit, Ecstacy Roots.

From as early as 6pm the enthusiastic crowd comprising of the young and old had gathered at the venue to experience the thrill of live music by the youthful band.

Among the scores of revellers were the likes of veteran jazz artist, Soccer Moruakgomo and legendary guitarist, John Selolwane, who attended the session to inspire and lend their support to the upcoming jazz artists.

Founded in 2013, Jazz X Change is a live music performance platform, which has hosted, groomed and opened doors for various local artists, including Sereetsi and the Natives, Kabo Leburu, Perfect Pitch and Mpho Sebina among others.

According to Rahman El Kindiy, the Jazz X Change founder, the initiative  provides artists with a platform for high performance standard after taking them through a development programme.

“Our aim is to bring artists or bands that are amateurs or seasoned musicians and veterans, put them in one studio and produce good music. We want to run a show that would basically develop musicians to a much higher level in the region,” he explained.


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