Mono Tasking
BUSY: Multi-tasking has become the norm

Thinking too much can cause problems.

Especially when our thoughts are not focused on what we are doing.

The world can be a busy place so we can often feel pressure to do several things at the same time.

Many job descriptions feature that requirement and someof usfeel cheated if we don’tfill our free time with as many activities as possible,so that pressure can come fromboth outside and from within.

I must admit multi-tasking can be quite handy, but I also think it can get in the way of concentration and hinder the quality of our work so I don’t think we should do it all the time… or even most of the time.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I know I am much happier when I can focus on one thing at a time, and I do a better job when my mind is focused on the task at hand.

Unfortunately, even when I am not trying to multi-task,my mind sometimes moves on to the next job before my hands have finished the one I am working on.

That’s what happened last week when I decided to do a few jobs around the house.

The first one I wanted to tackle was fitting shelves with my daughter in the corner of her bedroom.

Before wegot started, however, she decided to have a shower.

While she was in the upstairs bath,water started leaking through the kitchen ceiling directly below the tub, so the shelves got shelved while I tried to discover why that was happening.

Ihad replaced the caulking around the tub a year agoand that stopped a similar leak but the newsealant had separated from the tiles once again, so I removed the front panel of the unit to find out why.

It turned out the tub had not been supported properly at the front when it was installed so when someone stood close to the drain the fibreglass unit flexed down slightlyand stressed the seal.

I was quite focused at that point and the additional supportproject went well, but when it came time to refit the tub panel and silicone it back in place, part of my mind drifted off to plan the shelving job.

I think that may be why I didn’t get all the old silicone off the tub before applying the new bead.

I thought I’d done enough, butwhen I applied a new line of sealant it did not cover all of what I’d left behind and the result looked quite sloppy.

That meant I had to wipe it off as best I could and start scraping again… and that job was much more difficult and messy with a bit of new silicone mixed in with the dry stuff.

So, letting my mind wander just created more work.

I’m not saying we should avoid multi-tasking all together or that we shouldn’t plan what we are going to do.

I’m just saying there is a time for planning and a time for getting stuck in, and we usually do a better job if we focus on one thing at a time and simply mono-task.

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