Monetising makeup skills
BEAUTIFUL: Bojelo Marari


Flawless skin and perfect makeup is a big part of a woman’ s outward beauty.

This weekend makeup artist, Bojelo Mariri of Bee Jaey makeup studio conducted a well attended makeup tutorial in village, Gaborone, to let all women know about he importance of using makeup that’s approved by the Cosmetic Product Safety Report.

It graduate turned makeup artist, Mariri studied Information Systems at the University of Botswana with no intention of working in the IT industry.

“I guess you can say, I did not want to defy my parents. I had initially wanted to study a course in the arts and had my heart set on studying in South Africa. But my family was clear that was not going to happen, so I went along with what was expected of me. Says 33-year-old Bojelo Marari from Lekgolobotlo.

Little did Marari know she would one day make a living making others beautiful through her craft as a makeup artist?

“I have always had a creative bone in me and wanted to do something artistic because growing up I would spend hours drawing and making cutouts.

I always felt fulfilled when engaging in any artistic form and working with people,” she said.

Marari gained her stripes providing make up services to church mates during weddings and other functions.

People would compliment her on her makeup, and be surprised to learn that she did it herself and that’s how she started getting bookings to render her services for free, she says the only thing she gets done by another person is her and her beautiful lash lift, just because it takes a lot of stress away from her.

This donation of her services however helped her build her confidence and skill until she I could monetize.

Monetising makeup skills

She has since worked with many people including celebrities for different projects, she says she loves to do makeup on other people but when it comes to her makeup she keeps it very simple, she says she has done microblading at, plus she also has false lashes; therefore, doing her makeup doesn’t take much effort.

Often described as humble and unassuming, Marari has built a solid portfolio and is a firm favorite with many clients.

Marari says with a lot of women wanting to look their absolute best, there is a market for makeup lessons hence the tutorials she hosts in partnership with other beauty brands.

Under her brand; Bee Jaeys Marari gathers women of all walks of life to teach them make up applications, giving tips on how to achieve the much-desired flawless look.

“Women of all ages can wear makeup. It is a matter of understanding one’s skin type and appropriate techniques when applying makeup.”

She goes on to advise that there have been countless revolutionary changes to the industry, giving more choice to women.

The beauty industry is a billion dollar industry with a vast choice of products and brands.

There is just so much to choose from and that can be overwhelming, she explains.

Even professionals are constantly learning a thing or two all the time. So one can only imagine how regular folks may feel faced with decisions on products to choose and techniques to use.

During a recent tutorial Marari took women through a step-by-step process to achieve a clean au natural look for everyday wear.

She also explained the varied terms often used during make up application but urged the ladies to do what they feel most comfortable with.

Marari knows this all too well as she shares her self taught skill. “I did not go to beauty school to learn how to apply makeup but certainly put in the hours to learn about it as much as possible.”

Although makeup can generally cost a lot, Marari says being smart about use can go a long way.

“One doesn’t need to have every single brush and product as many can be used for multipurpose. Have the bare basics and build on that with time.”

The basics Marari swears by include foundation, powder, lipstick, lip balm, eyebrow pencil and mascara. One can still achieve a beautiful look with just these few products.

Explaining the value of foundation and concealer, Marari urged women to invest time in finding the right brand and color for their skin tone.

“We have different skin tones and the products each woman uses will vary from the next one. Upon applying foundation, she stresses the importance of blending the make up to avoid seeming like one is wearing a mask.

“One must achieve a look that will not show where the makeup starts or ends. Makeup is used for different reasons by the wearers and this includes enhancing ones looks, to boost confidence and distract the eye from problematic areas one may be conscious of.

Whatever the reason, make up can certainly help to achieve this.

Monetising makeup skills
GIVING LESSONS: Marari demonstrating popular techniques

Even those that may not necessarily wear much makeup, a bit of lip color can transform one’s looks, Marari advised.

Demonstrating some of the popular techniques used, Marari took participants through Highlighting and contouring; a technique of bringing out the features you want to stand out and (highlighting) and the one you want to tone down, (contouring) using foundations and concealers.

One highlights the t-zone area and under the eye area and below the cheeks, basically where the light hits when one’s picture is taken.

The other technique known as ‘baking’ is the use of excess powder on the already highlighted area for the concealer to set and give a highlighted effect.

She also demonstrated a relatively new technique known as strobing, which is the use of highlighters/bronzer to add more glow to the face.

During the tutorial, the women had the opportunity to ask questions ranging from products to use.

The achieved day look was transformed to a night or event based function using eye shadows and blush.

Apart from loving what she does, Marari says she gets her drive from the many conversations that take place during her work.

“ We all have so much to offer one another as women and through engaging with others I get to work with, I don’t only get to grow my business but I am get enriched as a person.