Molosi set for world tour to promote new book

He was the first Motswana to perform on Broadway and later won the hearts of many with his Blue, Black and White drama, where he played the role of Sir Seretse Khama.

Now Donald Molosi is headed to conquer the world.

The award-winning actor and playwright is expected to embark on a world tour to promote his new book, ‘Dear Upright African’.

The tour will take in some of the world’s biggest cities, including New York, Berlin and London.

The tour will culminate in Africa, as Molosi explained patriotically, “Of course the big end to this 2019 will be in African cities.”

Giving a tantalising hint at what to expect from his new book, the acclaimed author said, “I am ready to give my followers all over the world a bolder Donald Molosi who speaks even more loudly about things that matter. I hold nothing back in this book because the time for that is over for me as a brand.”

When it was originally presented as a TED Talk topic back in 2017, ‘Dear Upright African’ generated a wave of conversation.

“I wanted to take this book to Berlin, the same city where, 135 years ago Africa was cut up like a cake among European powers to own. I go to Berlin as one but I stand as my ancestors who never had the chance to confront the city that cemented the brutal European scramble for our resources!

“My generation of Africans has lost patience with the destructive European curriculum still taught in our African schools. My being in Berlin on the 135 anniversary of the demarcation of Africa to launch this manifesto is purposeful and symbolic and shows that Africans have the mouth with which to tell Europe how her neocolonial presence in Africa is tragic for Africans. I am also addressing Africans in the diaspora to let them know that we need their efforts also for African classrooms in Africa to finally teach African history,” added Molosi.

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