A Botswana National Front Councillor has challenged former President, Festus Mogae to think of decent and better poverty  eradication initiatives than commercial sex work.


Addressing a political rally in Old Naledi recently, councillor Molatedi Selala of Thamaga West  said that instead of suggesting humiliating commercial sex work for  the disadvantaged , a world  renowned economist of Mogae’s calibre should be advising the ruling party on more decent and better alternatives for economic diversification.

“It seems that all Mogae can think about these days is sex trade, which he says must be legalised. The unfortunate thing is that this is the very person who should instead be advising President Khama on serious  possible investments instead. In fact there are many unemployment solutions that he could possibly come up with if only he could take his mind off the sex trade a little bit,” Selala said
He argued that since Mogae has not mentioned who the potential buyers in the sex trade are going to be, he (Selala) would suggest that the former president should become the first in the queue to buy sex, should his wish to have it legalised be answered.

“When you encourage someone to start a business it means you are sure of  the demand and If a man is crying out to the cooks to make fat cakes, it means he has the hunger and once they are made he would be the first customer,” Selala said.

The councillor who has strong views against the decriminalisation of sex work was yet another voice among many who have slammed Mogae for advocating for the legalisation of

NOT AMUSED:Molatedi Selala

commercial sex work.
Selala also used the platform to slam  president Ian Khama for not speaking out against Mogae’s suggestions to decriminalise prostitution.

“If President Ian Khama was in disagreement with the sex work initiative, he would have voiced his objection by now, so his silence must mean consent” the councillor told his Old Naledi audience.
“Whenever Khama flies over Old Naledi and looks down from the Chopper, what he sees is multitudes of servants roaming his father’s farm.

He thinks your township is his father’s farm. That is why he makes you cut the grass in the streets and pays  you peanuts,” Selala stated, making a reference to Ipelegeng, a drought relief programme which attracts below the minimum wage remunerations for cleaning  the streets and cutting grass on the road side.

Another BNF member, Mephato Reatile, who is a Member of Parliament for Ngwaketse West told the people to make smart choices when they vote for political leaders because  BDP was running out of ideas and sex was seemingly the only subject that mattered to them.
Not long ago Mogae told the BBC news that Botswana needed to decriminalize homosexuality and prostitution to prevent the spread of HIV.
For that statement Mogae, a respected HIV/AIDS activist has been hauled over hot coals by a section of the society which  frowns upon   homosexuality and commercial sex work.

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Ba batla go ruta bana eng tota?gatwe go rekisa kuku go tswa kae mo go rraetsho Mogae,maybe o itse more about the business,gongwe ke loyal sex customer,hahahaha!!!!


The man used to be in the office of the highest! Why didint he legalize it a le koo. It shows irresponsibility and lack of accountability on his side folks!

rati mots

Y is it dat most Batswana prefer leaving in denial…!almost every1 hv seen nd noes about batho ba rekisang their bodies,da old man has been on bout AIDS nd sex work is 1 of the routes of spreading dz monsterous disease,so stop acting lyk u don no dz quick recharges kana is it dat pple are so used 2 cheap rides and no dat commercialising it would mean standard prices including vat,COST OF LIVING IS 2 HIGH, dz gals wont stop selling and guys wont stop buying kana ke da fear of entering da brothel (brothelphobia) and buying want u… Read more »


e keya Banna ka dijase.


We can bable and insult Rre Mogae,but the truth is sex trade is there and we can,t wish it away. It needs recognition. Almost every guy in gabs has bought at some stage or another,you guys reading this article have bought at some stage. I agree with Rre Mogae.

van der kuku

how does sex work stop the spread of HIV?AIDS ga re ka botsa rre Moge mme gonne!! when animals of same species graze in the same area there is a high chance of being affected by the prevailing disease so batho ba ka tlhoka jang le bone ele diphologolo.


Selala o thokana le mabele a podi.I still respect Mogae from the time he was president.


It seems like no one really listens when Rre Mogae addresses the issue of commercial sex work. The last thing he wants to do is encouraging sex work. However, the sex trade is a reality. As long as it is outlawed, the women in it are vulnerable to abuse by customers, traffickers and possibly even by law enforcers. While illegal, women in the sector cannot report rapes or other excesses. While illegal, women in the sector cannot be exposed to health and HIV prevention initiatives. De-criminalising the sector would make it possible to regularise it and would open ways to… Read more »