MANnequin VS mannequins

MANnequin VS mannequin

This week we featuring Leswears x-clusive .

Lesley of leswears is a 100% Botswana designer, last year Leswears x-clusive stores opened its first store in Game City, having worked with Les on fashion shows, we are sure Batswana will very much appreciate what he has to offer to them.

So we are used to mannequins standing just ther lifeless and displaying store items, why not add life to tailored clothes, we brought in the MAN-nequin to just liven up the clothes, passing by customers will agree with us that the live mannequin works, who wouldn’t love to have a mannequin that responds to you about the price of the item he has on him or the size compared to a motionless speechless one.

Tasman is the modern day MANnequin in leswears designs. In this sense he can be your model/mannequin/assistant, a complete package to assist in your shopping.

Moves in any direction, moves to any corner of the store and can help you decide on fit/cut colour etc.

Life less mannequins VS modern day MANnequin, what do you think bros and fros.

Hit us up on Facebook and let us know hit you think about Tasman the modern day  MANnequin in Leswear man’s wear!

Prices in store fros and bros.

Happy Friday.

[image_slider link=”full_url_link” source=””] Thabiso’s outfit defines style. The cut of these designs make you
feel they are made x-clusively for you [/image_slider]
[image_slider link=”full_url_link” source=””] Bold defined designs, trendy, 100% local designs, well fitting
and x-clusively just for Bros who know what they like.
We just love, don’t you?! [/image_slider]
[image_slider link=”full_url_link” source=””] Modern day man defined. The contrast between the white shirt and
pants plus gold chain, rings equal a million dollar look. [/image_slider]


Clothes and shoes: Leswears x-clusive Game city
MANnquin model: Thabiso ’Tasman’ Bolebano

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