Supporting local is important, and supporting our locals in foreign grounds is as important.

There are so many talented Batswana doing big things that are recognized internationally.

This is Your moment own it

Tumisang Mokomane aka ‘Black Queen’ is a Motswana model based in Cape Town.

She is among the list of faces that have stood out in the international modeling scene.

Here is a fun Q & A with our international model as she shares a little about her new ‘fresh’ life experience.

Q. When did you know modeling was what you wanted to do?

A: I always knew I had the look from a young age; the ideal slim figure, my Afro and beautiful skin tone that caught many people’s attention.

These compliments made me thankful and believe in myself.

Career driven: taking it one foot at a time 

Q. How did you get to modeling in Cape Town?

A: I’m signed to Juice Promotions in Botswana, they are focused on networking worldwide, so the Cape Town agency saw me through Juice models portfolio and I got singed.

Q. What is the name of the agency you are signed to in Cape Town?

A: My mother agency is Juice promotions and in Cape Town my agency is Contact Model Management.

Dream big and make it happen 

Q. How’s the modeling industry treating you that side?

A: Since I got signed, the industry is a lot better as far as being more open.

Modeling is treating me just fine, I can see that it is constantly evolving and becoming more and more inclusive, which is an amazing thing.

I am happy that things have changed and there is room to talk about making a future out of modeling.

Q. How would you say the industries are in comparison?

A: You hear many young Batswana often expressing their desire to become models, but the industry is emerging a bit slow, unlike South Africa, there are many opportunities for young new models with different culture backgrounds.

Train the same or remain the same

Q. What’s your day-to-day like?

A: Actually my day-to-day life is to keep healthy, maintain my shape by working out a lot and drinking lots of water.

She believed she could and so she did

Q. What is your future plan?

A: My dream is to become one of the top models in the world, and being referred to as ‘Supermodel’

Be the change you wan to be

Q. Advice for models in Botswana who wish to score it big like you?

A: The place I am right now will help me make a bigger impact to other models.

The modeling industry is not easy, but you have to follow your heart and chase your dreams.

Don’t let fear or doubt get in the way of your dreams. Do your research and go for it, don’t wait for tomorrow, do it now.

Put God at the center of everything.

Hopeful: a supermodel in the making 

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