SOMBRE: Mugabe's funeral (pic: foxnews

Controversy still surrounds the burial of the late Zimbabwe leader, Robert Mugabe as it appears there will only be a mock burial at the national shrine on Sunday.

With the two parties, the govt and his family ‘fighting’ over his body, they seem to have reached a compromise where the late leader’s body will be taken to the national shrine for formalities while the burial will be held privately.

Speaking to the media earlier, Mugabe’s nephew and family spokesman said his uncle’s remains will only be taken to the shrine as a formality so the government can do its formalities which include a gun salute.

Mugabe reportedly told his family that he does not want to be buried at the shrine where other liberation war heroes are buried.

This because of the fallout between Mugabe and his former comrades following the  November 2017 coup.

There are also reports that Mugabe will instead be buried in a cave like a traditional chief.

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