Who killed Elizabeth? Accused family suspects ritual murder

Almost a year after her brutal murder sent shockwaves across the country, Elizabeth Kerekang’s head has finally been found.

Ipelegeng workers discovered the 29-year-old’s skull hidden in a bushy part of Gaborone’s Block 7 location on Friday morning.

However, the mystery surrounding her death remains.

The man originally arrested for Kerekang’s beheading, her boyfriend Simon Badisa Kgowe, 38, was set free by Extension II Magistrate Court two weeks ago.

The murder charge against Kgowe was dropped after it became apparent there was a lack of evidence linking him to the crime.

Kgowe was initially suspected to have killed and beheaded Kerekang at his rented home in Block 3 before dumping her decapitated corpse in Tlokweng.

At the time of his arrest, the police raided Kgowe’s house, where they claimed to have discovered blood stained clothes, mop and bed sheets in one of the rooms.

However, Kgowe, who has been on remand since his detainment, has always maintained his innocence.

His protests had fallen on death ears until two weeks ago when, fed-up with the police’s failure to produce evidence linking him to the incident, Magistrate Batho Kgerethwa set Kgowe free.

“The case, however, can be re-registered at a later stage if the investigating officers can find concrete evidence,” added the Magistrate.

Meanwhile, a frustrated family spokesperson for the freed man accused the police of framing Kgowe in order to protect the real culprit.

“They spread false information that they confiscated a bloody mop and sheets at Kgowe’s house. The same police officers failed to produce those same items as evidence in court because there were no such!

“They had just taken a clean mop and wrapped it with a plastic and lied to journalists that there was blood on it,” insisted the relative, who did not want his name revealed for fear of possible victimisation.

His emotions torn between anger and fear, the spokesperson went on to say, “They know the last person to give Elizabeth a ride from her friend’s house where she had gone when she left Kgowe’s house, never to return.

“They know who was in town at the time and slept in Tlokweng near where the body was found. They know where the head has been sitting in Mahalapye all this time before it was dumped near her parents house for it to be conveniently found by Ipelegeng workers last Friday!”

Pausing to regain his composure, the spokesperson said they intend to sue the police for unfair trauma unduly inflicted on the family.

Pushed further on his ‘Mahalapye’ reference, the spokesperson replied in a hushed tone, while nervously looking over his shoulder, “There are politicians involved. This is a ritual murder to do with elections.”

Asked to comment on the matter, Botswana Police Service Crime Intelligence Director and Senior Assistant Commissioner, Nunu Lesetedi said the police were not aware the charges had been dropped.

“We handed the matter to the Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and they haven’t updated us on the court’s decision,” said Lesetedi.

While the cops scratch their heads, Kerekang and Kgowe’s families remain trapped in limbo.