evicted house mates

The Sunday live eviction show couldn’t have been more exciting as we saw three housemates including our very own Miss P getting evicted from the Big Brother Africa Amplified house. 
Truth be told; the Motswana housemate is the only one to blame for being sent home after a plan she had crafted with Alex backfired.

Most of the girls who nominated her revealed last week that Miss P could not be trusted anymore and they all went for her neck and nominated her in large numbers. It appears that the voting Africans too have had enough of Miss P’s stay in the house and they couldn’t save her. 
This past Sunday she was evicted, followed by Ghana’s Alex and the croaky-voiced Weza of Angola.

As it stands today, 12 housemates (Josie of Namibia, Nkuli of South Africa, Michael of Mozambique, Ernest of Uganda, Bhoke of Tanzania, Confidence of Ghana, Nic of Kenya, Danny of Ethiopia, Alex of Ghana, Miss P of Botswana, Weza of Angola and Felicia of Malawi) have been evicted while Lotus of Tanzania was disqualified a few weeks into the game for slapping Luclay. 
Since the game kicked off on Sunday May 1, 13 housemates have been sent home, and 13 housemates including Botswana’s Game ‘Zeus’ Bantsi remain in the house in the running to share of the US$400 000 prize money. This week Botswana faces another insurmountable task as Zeus together with Lomwe, Bernadina, Vina, and Mumba have been nominated for possible eviction this coming Sunday. 
Remember, this year two housemates will each walk away with US$200 000 each. It doesn’t get amplified than this

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