Nothing says 2015 cool summer like a pair of mirrored or Polaroid sunglasses and if you do not own a pair of these Polaroid mirrored glasses then you are far behind with what is in this season.

These days, stars are dressing up their dressed-down off-duty looks with hologram-like pairs that shift in color at every single angle. So that means you should find your pair and bedazzle your eyes, don’t you think? They’re shiny, colorful and their lenses are practically mirrors.

And they go with anything, even if they don’t, giving a certain youthfulness and coolness to any type of look.

The genius behind this creation had a mirrored reflection of ‘amazing’ when he created these; he had his mind on futuristic mode.

The best part about these is, any shape looks fabulous, whether you are a big fan of Aviators, Wayfarers, Round, Cat-eyed, you are sure to find a pair for your liking.

They come in any color: blue, green, red, pink, brown, yellow, grey! The colorful mismatches of the sunnies with your outfit, the mirrors’ glance against your shiny sun kissed skin equals a look you should try.

Ladies, try a bold lip and mirror glasses- they are just yummy! Gents, try a crisp white shirt with mirrored shades-you win.

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Pictures: reflections of the MBFW



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