Minister of Tourism Tshekedi Khama
Minister of Tourism Tshekedi Khama

The Parliamentary Committee on Statutory Bodies has this afternoon commenced with subpoenaed Minister for Tourism Tshekedi Khama.

The inquest comes about as a result of alleged maladministration of the BTO and micro management of the organisation by the minister without the approval of a board.

Chairman Guma Moyo started proceedings with a line of questioning pertinent to a letter authored by the Minister that instructs Brian Dithebe to restructure the organisation effectively upgrading Jilian Blackbeard to Executive Manager and raising her to grade 2 pay level.

Moyo explained that the Minister had no authority to issue such instructions in the absence of a board, citing that procedure should have been for the board to order the restructure and create a budget before submitting for the Minister’s approval.

Moyo went to say Minister Khama’s delay in appointing a board might come across as a tactic to unilaterally make decisions for the organisation.

In his defence, Minister Khama stated that his Ministry as well as the BTO have not misappropriated tax payers funds like other organisations, citing the likes of BMC, BPC as examples.

He further went on to state that the early termination of the BTO CEO’s contract did not disadvantage Dithebe in any way as he would be paid all that is due to him.

The session continues and updates on proceedings will be shared.

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