Mingo turns his touch to fashion

Local musician Mingo Touch has been in the limelight ever since he was a 15-year-old, bursting onto the scene in 2006 with his hit track ‘Tshaba Tsotsi’.

Certainly, in a career that now spans 13 years, life has rarely been dull for the artist born Aminoni Mujokeri.

From splitting and getting back with his management at Black Money Makers, Vee Mampeezy, to quitting music and coming back again, to retiring from music and then returning, Mingo has recorded six albums to date.

However, even by his eccentric standards, the ‘Unconquerable’ singer’s latest career move is unexpected – the versatile musician has now turned to fashion!

Explaining the thinking behind his decision, the well-dressed 27-year-old told Voice Entertainment, “I want to be a business man now. Music will always be my first love but just like international musicians, I have decided to widen my reach and tap into the music industry and hopefully use my influence to push sales.

“It’s no longer just about the music, it’s about the business of making music and everything that comes with it. One has to grow at some point hence why I decided to tap into the fashion world. This week I released my first line, which I called ‘God Runs Africa’. In the not so distant future I will release the young boys and girls line that I am very excited about.”

The ‘Shetla Biri’ crooner will be rolling out his fashion line across the country at a star studded launch event, launching the young boys and girls line end of March.

However, his music career is far from over.

“This does not mean I am done with music, not by a long shot. I am just expanding my business,” Mingo stressed.