The 32-year-old fun loving , creative, sexy and proactive Micheal of Mozambique became the latest victim to exit the Big Brother Amplified house this past Sunday.
The suave-looking professional Hairdresser cum DJ became the third house mate to be evicted from the game following hot on the heels of South Africa’s Nkuli who was sent packing a week ago. On Monday afternoon Rudeboy had a chance to speak with him about his unfortunate exit as well as his future plans…

R: Thanks for your time king. What was the first thing you did when you woke up in reality this morning?
M: You’re welcome bra! Ha! Ha! Ha! Funny enough the first thing I did was to check for my microphone forgetting that I was now out of constant surveillance. I was happy to take a normal shower knowing fully that there’s no camera hovering over me. That felt good.

R: You obviously feel sad that you got evicted earlier in the game. Did you have any strategy?
M: To tell you the honest truth, I had no strategy Rudeboy. I went into the game knowing fully that it’s a win or lose situation. The first time we went into the house I analyzed my fellow house mates and it was then that I told myself ‘its game on.’ I have no qualms whatsoever for being sent home this early. In life you win some, you lose some.

R: You flirted with every woman in the house but your eyes were set on Sharon O. Tell me about her…
M: Ha! Ha! My love for Sharon O is real. Although I have a 3-year-old child and a dysfunctional relationship with his mother, whatever I felt for Sharon O was real. Show me a man out there who can claim not to like women. I was being real dude. Given a chance I would love to know her better.

R: Your relationship with Confidence?
M: She was one of the first people in the house whom I got acquainted to. There was even a time when our pact seemed to wane when I started having feelings for Sharon O, and she was quick to remind me that I shouldn’t stray away from her. I would even visit her in Ghana after the game.
R: If you were marooned in an island who would you prefer to be with and why? 
M: Ha! Ha! Obviously Sharon O. She’s a real marvel and candy to the eye. We’re more connected and I would love to spend quality time with her away from the 24/7 camera surveillance.

R: What three items under the sun would you like to have now?
M: I wish I was sitting next to my 3-year-old son. I miss him so much. I would also love to see Nkuli as well as the mother to my son.

R: Any hidden talents that you wish people knew about?
M: I can be extremely quiet and shy at times.

R: If you were not a professional hairdresser what would you have been?
M: I would have been a soccer player. I’m a die-hard Barcelona fan and the moment I came out of the house I didn’t care about the political stuff. All I wanted to know was how my team has performed.

R: What is the most bizarre incident that ever happened to you in a relationship?
M: There was a time when I was in a relationship. I think I was 25 then and my ex-girlfriend was 23.Because I am poor, her father said I could not continue dating her and we broke up. Several months later she fell pregnant with a man she did not love and they broke up. She pleaded with me to take her back but by then I had already moved on. It was so sad.

R: Thanks for your time. Any last words?
M: The fact that many people cheered for me on that stage on Sunday have given me a boost of confidence and I think I will try my hand at acting. I want to be in the showbiz industry. Say hello to my Botswana fans. I liked Miss P and Zeus. Botswana ke a mo rata.

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