Chaos arose at the Francistown bus rank early this week when an angry mob attacked an unidentified man – believed to be mentally challenged for threatening to beat up a special constable.

Reports gathered by The Voice crew have indicated that the mad man lost his temper and uttered the threat after demanding President Ian Khama’s cellphone number from the special constable who didn’t have it.

According to eyewitnesses, the man went to a police post situated at the bus rank and asked for Khama’s contacts. The officer told the victim that he had no direct contacts to the president. The  response angered the ‘unstable’ man who grabbed the cop and twisted his arm.

Sensing danger, the officer ran out of the police post and into a taxi for safety, which then made its way out of the rank.

The man in his attempt to run after the taxi was chased and beaten by the mob.

But this did not go down well with some vendors at the bus rank who condemned the man’s attacker for beating up a mentally disturbed man.

“We have been harassed by thieves, but the public has never apprehended them. Why beat a man that everyone here knows has got a mental illness. This is unfair. Some of us have mentally challenged relatives and we now fear for their lives,” said one vendor.

Francistown Central Police Station Commander, Superintended Mojaboswa Mathitha professed ignorance on the incident.

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