Fearless Mokoko


The race for Molepolole South has become interesting, with an independent candidate 26-years-old Mojalemotho Molefhe strongly believing he will topple the two political heavyweights Daniel Kwelagobe of the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) and Dr Mmatli of the Umbrella for Democractic Change (UDC).

Like David in the Bible, Molefhe tells The Voice he is confident of winning the October 2014 elections.

Q: Please introduce yourself.

I am Mojalemotho Molefhe. I am 26 years old and I am contesting elections in Molepolole South as an independent candidate.

Q: Tell us who you are and what your educational background is.

As I say I am from Molepolole in Maunatlala ward. I schooled at GIPS in Gaborone doing Accounts.

After GIPS I formed an association and registered it and did a lot of things like tutoring the youth.

We have gardening concepts and many other things. I am an accountant by profession.

Q: What inspired you to contest the parliamentary elections and not the council?

I am from a community based organisation, we did it to change the lives of the people of Molepolole and there was no way I could have contested for the council seat because up for a bigger challenge.

I want to change lives in many ways. What inspired me is that we had been sending proposals to change people’s lives and the biggest obstacle is that we don’t have quality leadership.

It’s about the mandate of our organisation.

Q: So if you become a leader, will you be able to stand for the interest of the people?

Yes indeed. We have a clear mandate on what we want to do as an organisation.

Q: Is it the first time you are contesting?

Yes it is the first time I am contesting.

Q: What are the challenges facing your constituency?

We have challenges such as lack of water, health and lack of employment for the youth.

Youth unemployment is the biggest challenge.

Q: How will address these problems?

As I said from the mandate of my organisation, we have many plans such as presenting investment, protecting heritage sites such as Lekadiba, Dithejwane hills, Legaga and others such as the royal cemetery.

We would also look at informal network and business skills and combine them to help the youth.

Q: You are up against Daniel Kwelagobe and Dr Mmatli. Where do you see yourself in this contest?

I am ahead of them because I am focusing on problems we have.

These men are not concerned with problems we are facing.

They are just on something else.

It’s all about governing and leadership.

We would also be continuing with developments that would work for us.

Q: We don’t see your posters in Molepolole yet you say you are campaigning. What kind of campaign is this?

I use house to house campaign and posters because I prefer to meet the people. I use the underground campaign.

The biggest issue is to talk to the people as I want to represent the people.

There is a time when I would put posters. I will win.

Q: Do you have your own councillors or you are alone?

I am alone and not aligned to any political party.

I am a Mokoko that does not want to be associated to any party.

Q: How are you campaigning without money and resources?

It is affecting my campaign because my voice cannot go far.

People expect posters and they want you to mount public address systems to talk to them.

So it’s affecting me although I am able to talk to many people.

Q: Why should people vote for you?

I am a youth and 60% of the population is the youth. So we need a leader who can represent the youth.

We live in a country with many challenges and the youth want their lives to be changed.

Some of the youth have not finished school but they have the skills and would find teaching centers useful.

We ones proposed teaching centers to help the youth.

Q: What is your parting shot?

Vote for me so I can bring a new type of politics and civic that is for the modern world and development of Molepolole South.

Thank you sir.

You are welcome.

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