Mc Maswe to release 9th album

Francistown folk hero MC Maswe is set to release his 9th album, ‘Ntole’.

The versatile 48-year-old artist was buzzing with anticipation when he met up with Voice Entertainment through the week.

“‘Ntlole’ means you can jump to another level in life,” explained the man born Thapelo Maleka, adding the LP consists of a mixture of genres, including Mpaxanga, Kwasa and Reggae.

Excitingly, the album will feature another Ghetto-based heavyweight in Kwasa Kwasa legend Jeff Matheatau.

MC Maswe’s hit song ‘Ke jele ke kgotshe’ (I ate, I am full) is included in the LP, which he said, “Is about a man who is married and satisfied.

“I am working with the energetic producer at Jay Black production in Monarch. I did a song called ‘E seng mo ngwaneng’ with him which Batswana loved very much,” he said, adding he is fine-tuning a number of other songs for the album’s completion.

Looking towards the future, the maverick MC revealed he hopes to becoming a producer for his Beauty Queens and up-coming artists.

“I urge the upcoming artists that to be able to survive in the music industry they have to work hard, be honest, make sacrifices and stay away from drugs. They should know that fame comes through hard work!” stressed the veteran music-maker.

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