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Trend you will soon be wearing!

Remember minimalism?

The act of wearing less, defined clothing and clean lines?

Well, according to the fashion report and our fashion forecast observation, we are in the last days of minimalism!

The world of fashion is abuzz with this new way of dressing.

Well, this trend is all about being carefree with your dressing and splashing on the trendiest pieces you own, all at once! We, GaTsh Fros, have been fans of “more Is more, less is a bore” dressing and have been fans of dressing to express rather that to impress.

To achieve the maximalism look, wear the best of the two extremes, rather wear pieces that you would not normally wear together, like above the knee dress and knee boots, a skirt with pants underneath, or a print with an embroidery!

Texture overload,Breath of fresh,Maximalism chick,Exaggeration

It’s all about contrasting trends, but the final feel and look should be in harmony and pleasing to the eyes.

It’s all about having fun and going wild with your dressing. Start learning how to rock it and ace this trend by focusing mainly on your accessories, colours of your pieces and their texture.

If you are caught in between the understated and overstated, maybe you don’t have to choose, don them together for a chic maximalism finish.

Warning, this trend is for those who are deeply immersed in the fashion world and like to stand out from the rest.

We say more is more, and less is a bore! Send us your maximalistic looks to [email protected],com and show us how you indulge!

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