KEEPING AN EYE: Police Officers controlling the crowd

Police use tear gas to disperse curious mob

Maun residents who wanted to see the woman who was said to have changed into a snake

Police in Maun had a hectic time on Tuesday controlling a curious  crowd that gathered outside the house of a woman who had allegedly turned into a snake.

Riot police were deployed to maintain law and order after allegations spread fast throughout the village that Tebelelo Manga,  52 had turned into a snake from the waist down.

The strange news caused so much curiosity that  police had to use force and tear gas shelling to disperse a stamped of  a strong crowd of  onlookers who besieged Manga’s yard in  Boseja to catch a glimpse of the alleged half snake. half human sight.

The mother of nine allegedly turned into a snake in the early morning hours of Tuesday at her house where she was discovered by one of her children whose  alarmed screams attracted people’s attention to the strange happenings inside the house.

The incident, according to  sources close to the woman was a culmination of bizarre developments that have been happening to Manga over the last several months.

An eye witness who claimed to have been one of the first people to arrive on the scene claimed that she saw  an ill looking Manga lying down wrapped in a blanket from the waist down.

“I really can’t confirm whether she had the body of  a snake or not because she was wrapped in a blanket, but her lower body seemed like it was moving like a snake.

The whole thing was eerie,” said the source who did not want to be named.

The same eye witness who knew Manga prior to the incident went on to talk about how, over the last few months the woman who made a living by selling clothes and jewellery at the market  had been acting extremely strange and also developing facial hair.

“She had started a very strange habit of hiding from potential clients at her stall in the main mall or simply chasing them away, instead of selling to them and the hair on her face was growing,” She said

Family members however dismissed  allegations levelled against Manga as, “stories created  by  jealous  people  who  hate  the  family.”
Manga’s brother, Mobita Seboba told The Voice in an interview that the sister had to be whisked away to a place of safety to avoid the possibility of her being killed like a snake by the  community.

“We had to move her to a place of safety after the mob started throwing stones at her house.”

ON-LOOKERS: Part of the crowd which was hoping to see the ‘snake woman’

Seboba and her other  sister, Maretha said  that  troubles  started  after  their  sister  developed  a  habit  of  not  talking to her customers at  the  bus  rank  where  she  sold clothes.

” She  would  go to the bus rank  with clothes in  a bag and  spend  the  whole  day  without opening her  bags or even talking to customers. We planned as a family  to  take  her  to a  church for treatment but one of  her  daughters objected.”

Seboba said that when her condition got worse, Manga decided to become a recluse and locked herself  up in the house which led  her  suspicious neighbours to come up with the snake theory.

Officer Commanding  for  the  area, Senior Superintendent Robert Masidi said the story was nothing but an unfortunate urban legend.  “People have a tendency of  creating  such stories, but its simple knowledge that people can’t turn into snakes.

Although no one was hurt, Masidi said that  police investigations  were on to identify and possibly charge those who incited violence against the woman.

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Nnete ya kgang ke eng batho ba Maun,tlhalosang ka noga seka motho betso.


Jaanong ba ba neng ba bona noga seka motho bone ke eng ba ne ba sa re direle dinepe re te re bone. Go bona go monate gona le go bolelelwa. Di4ne tsa matsatsi a ke cameras, upload those 4tos re mmone.

mis o

hei strange thngs happen nowadays….i thnk thy ar telin th truth,mayb dat lady turnd into a snake and immediatly afta dat one startd to scream she changd to b a normal being’ijo dilo tsa batho,let me kip quite nd log off…!


Owaii rona re ipolaelwa ke lenyora mo Maun rene re ile goga metsi hare boa re hitlhela dikgang tse harere re tlaa tabogela teng ka diferekeke ba Bpc ka ba compita leba water affairs ka gore kgaolela didirisiwa babo ba kgaola motlakase.


ija dilo tsa maun, kana k tsa the voice?


The Voice ga le ise le emise maaka!What happened to investigative journalism.


ke tla dumela ke bona dinepe




The voice again eish yo source of info is to shallow.Give us sumthng better.


What ever happened to responsible journalism. That is somebody’s mother whose identity you just spread all over your pathetic story. And whats even more disgusting about this story is that despite confirmation by family members and the police Senior Supretendant that these are just fabrications by members of the community The Voice Newspaper deemed it necessary to print the story. Where is the Editor, forget the sorry excuse of a writter.




Le a dira di a le dumela tlhe batho ba maun.


Senior Superintendent Robert Masidi or Masibi….

Gape nowadays anything can happen batswana betsho…..gongwe ke nnete. Re ratile madi thata mo eleng gore we can do anything to have it….so watch out


ijoo! ga re na bosubi,fa re bua thata le rona re tlaa felela re lee dinoga,size ya go ikobola jaaka noga hela waitse…………………..


can we get the real facts in details plis


if dz tru e le ruri lefatshe la bokhutlon…. hw cn a human bein turn in2 a snake its jz unbelievable…..


It was once reported to have happened to a woman in sikwane but the difference here was that o ne a gogetswe ke noga mo metsing e be e mo fetola motho-seka noga.The upper part of the body e ne e le ene and people saw her ga ba ya go ga metsi she was now aquatic.So regarding kgang ya maun thi is very possible more especially living in the world where batho ba rata dingaka maybe the sudden of change in character was due to muti who knows… so what the space there is no smoke without fire.


It was once reported to have happened to a woman in sikwane but the difference here was that o ne a gogetswe ke noga mo metsing e be e mo fetola motho-seka noga.The upper part of the body e ne e le ene and people saw her ga ba ya go ga metsi she was now aquatic.So regarding kgang ya maun this is very possible more especially living in the world where batho ba rata dingaka maybe the sudden of change in character was due to muti who knows… so watch the space there is no smoke without fire.


The voice le yone go riana le kwala wthout evn sure dinepe di kae re di bone nna ke tla dumela ke bona dinepe ijoo dilo tsa ko Maun


“There is no smoke without fire” People can’t jst run to dat homestead without nothing…something is “FISHY” here! Yes, hulle[relatives]are denying the allegations…kemo Botswana we’re used to it! Ge o mmona a ntse moopa a kgwaphaletse gotwe oa lwala jaana, she knows gore o lwatswa eng? She’s jst pretending by the time people arrived, she changes to a human, she is a human-snake, she’s jst sick, she’ll neva die, she’ll be transformed to a snake & people will think thy buried here else thy are seeing thy eyes! This is a similar story dat happen in 1992 when ek was… Read more »


batho ba the voice o fithela le itlhaganeletse go re bolelela maaka,le sa batle bonnete ja kgang pele.Le a bo le ne le sa batle go tlolwa..!!!

aaah is it possible gore mtho a iphetole noga lona le lona the voice aaaah


I wish the voice le ka bo le ne le le teng mo metlheng ya maloba, ke ipotsa gore lo ne lo tlaa kwala afe tota mafoko. Ke akanya nako ya Sbongile e simologa. Kwa ga MmaBesi go ne ga utlwiwa kgaga e lela, ba bo ba sia ba re noga e ne e opela e lela e re S’bongile.

Ga tloga ga twe ngwana o tshotswe a tsofetse a re go ipofelelwe melenza, o else maitseboa pula e tlaa bo e na e bo e ratha mongwe le mongwe yo o sa ipofelelang e mmolaya.


dilo tsa maun,gatwe nnte ya kgang ke eng?


Ke go rata madi le dingaka tsa bo Nomalanga.

neutral K

ha ha..dilo tsa maun..

rati motsamai

nnyaa ruri dio tsa mau wat else can one say, a toga a iphetola noga….


This could be true. This one time I saw a woman turn into a fox, then 10 hours later into a pig. Mind you, I did have a lot to drink.


Naare batho ba the voice la halucinata??mme gone motho ene o ka beelaelwa fela go sa re sepe goraa gore ke noga le ene a selo o goga motokwane


ya folks, iv jst arrivd from my guiding expd in the magnificient okavango delta n evrythin was exeptionally good. kgang e ke e utlwile ke le ko kampeng nd nw um in maun, go ya ka ditlhotlhomiso tse ke di utlwileng mo di eye witnesses, kgang e ke boammaaruri jo bo senang bana ba pheho, gape gate its her usual thing, one of her daughters ebile confessed nd expressd her grief. di a happena mo maun mo nna ke a gae ga maila, ha nkake ka kgona go ema ema le tsone!!!!


mxm maaka a dipampiri ruri!!! nxah ntshang tlhe ditshwantsho kante hale hitsa ekare lena le seabe mo tsweledisong ya ditirahalo yaana!!!


Batawana hle le dira dilo aah……………..!sjabbswabb ba da voice ga ba kake b di ntsha kana b a bo ba re aketsa,ne ba sena covr page so dey cam up wit dat stry gor b tsenye coin e baya.




Betsho fatshe le larona le a lwala,go lemogiwa AIDS le Kankere fela,lwetsi jwa fatshe jone ga bo lemogwe,i had a trip 2 haven 2 weeks back,kene ke ile go nnela dipuisano le modimo ka fatshe le,yaa de convrsntion wnt vry well,a ba a mpha molemo le mokento wa fatshe le le lwalan le.jaanong betsho ke kopa le ntswe thuso ka koo,ke batlana le marago a lefatshe ga ke abone.mme fela fa ke ka a bona ke tlabo ke le kenta mme lwetsi joo bo tlaa fola,palamente e lekile go mpatlisa go padile,jaanong ke kopa mo go lona betsho.ka tlhompho le… Read more »

ijo satane wa di dira

wa di dira saatane.nna ke tswa Maun ke a itse gore evil and the satanic religion is spreading at a very high speed mo motseng o. you pple need to pray realy hard,