Maun- Shakawe road death trap
Rita George

The slightly over 300kilometres Maun- Shakawe road has turned into a death trap for road users.

Although the police boss in Ngamiland district has refused to divulge the shocking road accident statistics citing fear of alarming motorists, the recent car accident in which six young footballers perished has brought the dilapidated state of the road into sharp focus.

The Member of Parliament for Ngamiland Thato Kwerepe said he was aware of the bad state of the road and the danger it posed to motorists. He said he had even alerted the Ministry of Transport and Communication about it but he did not get a clear answer on when the road would be fixed.

“The Ministry is working on the issue but I don’t know what is delaying them. I therefore urge drivers to take precaution and drive carefully on that road,” Kwerepe said.

Voice Journalist Boikanyo Sarefo took to the streets of Maun to get people’s views on the road issue.

Rita George (26) Sedie Ward

This road has devoured our money and our loved ones.

You fix a car today and as soon as you put it on that road it breaks down again.

Reckless driving, drunken driving and over speeding might be some of the contributing factors to the high number of road accidents but here the main problem is undeniably the state in which this particular road is in.

The government should intervene in this situation as soon as possible because we are perishing.

There are shrubs and bushes by the roadside, which distracts drivers’ view on a road teeming with animals is undoubtedly dangerous.

As if that is not enough, potholes have now become trenches on the road and nobody cares.

This is a tourism village and it is sad that our district contributes a lot to the economy of this country yet the state of our roads is shameful.

Maun- Shakawe road death trap
Nliki Motsamai

Nliki Motsamai (39) Nkange

Travelling on this road is a challenge, be it at night or in daylight.

It is overdue for serious maintenance or total rebuilding because it’s almost none existent.

Bushes along the road obstruct drivers view, livestock on the road is a menace and yet the government is turning a blind eye for some strange reasons.

Hundreds of lives have been lost on this road and many people have been maimed and crippled on this very same A3 road as a whole.

From Makalamabedi down to Nata and Tsau to Shakawe we drive in zigzags and it is indeed a pity and shame.

Maun- Shakawe road death trap
Oarabile Johannes

Oarabile Johannes (30) Matalapana ward

“There is no political will and the government is not bothered at all by the state of the A3 road as a whole.

If I remember well it was built in the 70’s and since then it has been patched on different stretches every now and then.

Fixing this road should be a priority in order to save lives and reduce the high number of accidents that are being recorded in this district, many of which are caused by potholes or dilapidated narrow tarred roads.

Our neighbors are also affected because this road is a link to other Southern Africa Countries.

Not so long ago six people travelling in a mini bus from Zimbabwe to Namibia perished on this very same road, our District Commissioner narrowly escaped death on this road and last week we lost six youths still on this road.

Where are our leaders, why are they are silent about all this?

It is high time we start to seek answers and demand accountability from the leaders concerning this road.”

Maun- Shakawe road death trap
Jane David

Jane David (37), Gumare

As long as it is not fixed we shall continue to lose precious lives on it, like I lost my cousin recently on the same road.

It has big and deep potholes the size of fishponds; it has crumbled down to a point that it is only left with patches of gravel and tiny pieces of tarred road.

It does not have road signs as well. There are sharp curves on the road yet nothing warns drivers of such.

Moreover, there are danger zones where accidents persistently happen because of one cause, either animals or bumpy road yet there are no roads signs to alert drivers of such either.

It is high time the responsible people take this matter seriously.

And while we are still at it, the government should also help with providing a safe mode of transport for the players because they end up risking their lives on the road.

The Ministry of Youth should not organize the games only and leave young people stranded for transport.

Edwin Morake (37) Botshabelo ward, Maun

The government should prioritize mending this particular road, which is in a very bad state.

It is narrow; full of potholes and it is impoverishing us as we spend lots of money to fix our cars damaged by huge potholes on the road.

It doesn’t cater for two cars to pass and overtaking is very risky unless both cars are slow.

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