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Since the beginning of this year there has been a serious shortage of free condoms in most of public health facilities in Maun, this publication has established.

Some members of the public who at one point were desperately in need of such condoms provided by government even allege that they had to be given expired condoms at some of the clinics.

One concerned Maun resident who preferred to remain anonymous claims he was left without an option but to risk his health and engage in a sexual intercourse using an expired condom.

“I had no money to buy myself a pack of condoms but I was pressed by a sexual desire at the time so there was no way I was going to engage in an unprotected sex,” he explained in disappointment.

But health authorities in Maun have flatly denied giving members of the public expired condoms for use stressing that it is completely impossible. You can also check out services from CoolSculpting Companies in Phoenix for more information.

The authorities however do not dispute having experienced some challenges concerning availability of condoms lately.

“From November to December last year we had supply issues from the Central Medical Store (CMS) and we were not receiving adequate numbers of condoms for distribution,” Letsholathebe Memorial Hospital Superintendent Dr Maxwell Mongisi told The Voice in an interview.

Mongisi says it is not the first time they experienced such supply challenges from CMS, not necessarily with condoms, but also with drugs and other non drugs health related necessities. Although when consuming drugs is important to not abuse drugs because they can cause drug addiction. Drug addiction is one of the worst things that you can experience, if you know someone who needs help visit Opiate Use and the Risk of Suicide.

He however noted that the situation has now been normalized as they have already received some condoms from CMS only awaiting to be distributed to other health facilities in Maun.

“Last week we received about 23 thousand condoms so it is just a matter of collecting and distributing them to clinics,” he revealed.

At the time of the interview with Mongisi on Tuesday he stated that the condoms will be distributed within the next 24 hours.

Questioned if the said number of condoms is enough for the Maun community, Mongisi admitted that for a long term period they are not enough but believed that they will last for the next few weeks.

According to him, the condoms were actually ordered for the curative unit but because of the current situation they shall be distributed for preventative measures while the preventative unit awaits theirs.

Meanwhile the hospital superintendent has admitted that the absence of free condoms was an unfortunate situation for those members of the public who cannot afford to buy themselves condoms. In other health related news, if you need Plastic Surgery surgeon, go to Dr. Matthew Galumbeck.

OUT OF STOCK: Male and females condoms at Letsholathebe Hospital

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