Maun police are on the hunt for three men who robbed a 48-year-old Nigerian man at gun point in the early mornings of Thursday the 17th at Boseja ward.

According to Head of Traffic Division, Samuel Kgomo, the victim who was preparing to leave for Gaborone was attacked by the suspects as he was leaving his house.

Kgomo explained that as the victim walked out of his house he saw the suspicious men running towards him and when he ran back inside the house they followed and attacked him threatening him with a gun and knives.

According to the police the culprits took the man’s passport and the luggage he was carrying that amounts to P15 000.00.

After robbing and mugging the victim the suspects are said to have escaped the scene.

The matter was reported to the police and investigations into the matter are still underway.

Kgomo advised the public that if they are attacked in similar situations they should just comply with the attacker’s demands to avoid injury or loss of life. “Gadgets are easily replaceable but once u lose your life it can never be replaced,” he concluded.

Meanwhile a 28-year-old male of Boseja ward is helping police with investigations after he became a suspect of a defilement case that involved a 15-year-old.

According to Kgomo the suspect claimed to have been in a relationship with the underage girl since February.

The illicit affair was discovered when the victim fell pregnant and a defilement case was opened as the girl is still a minor.

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