Maun ka munatyi brand rocks
Tourists rocking the brand

With no clothing brand exclusively from Maun, Emmanuel Blackprince Petros saw a market gap, filled it and today he is a happy man.

Started in 2015, Brand of Maun ka Munyati which embraces the endless fascinating activities in the tourism town and the local culture is growing from strength to strength and has become a hit even with tourists.

Vibrant Petros, who is also a well known director of ceremonies, could not hide his joy as he spoke about his business venture.

“I had seen many people celebrate their identities and cultures through clothing lines. As an artistic person I did not struggle to conceptualize my idea and here were now talking about this Maun brand. I sell close to a thousand pieces of merchandise every month which cost between P100 and P150,” said vibrant Petros.

The Borolong bred lad says he combined the little that he made from his career as an MC with what he got from his parents to finance his clothing line of t-shirts, caps, sweaters and other pieces.

He said people are attracted to the brand including tourists who buy and sell notes the merchandise as souvenirs.

“Over the years I have learnt to set goals and to work tirelessly to satisfy my clientele”.

He says apart from the Maun ka Munyati notion, the printed merchandise also holds a historical aspect of the establishment of Maun village in 1915.

He noted that his brand moves with time. “When black Friday was here I celebrated it and I sold a lot of clothing. When tlatsa lebala was here I also took the theme colour into consideration and sold a lot of t-shirts. Now that St Louis celebrations are here, I sell blue and white t-shirts. It’s all about strategizing and moving with time,” he said.

However it has not been all rosy for Petros as he explains that he encountered a few challenges relating to quality of his products as some of his customers feel the quality is of low standards.

“It’s still work in progress and with time we will import from neighbouring countries,” he said.

Petros has no shop but instead sells his merchandise on street stalls.

“So far so good,” he beams.

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