Money Matters

What do people understand about being materialistic? I have always struggled with the concept of labelling people as such since I believe we all are materialistic. All of us!
The danger of this labelling is that it stops a lot of people from reaching their full potential because our society has standards of what we perceive as acceptable or rather normal.
We are a very conservative nation and we don’t seem to understand that being materialistic is not always a bad thing. There is nothing wrong with a young woman who wants   a big car, big house or mansion, big lifestyle, and big Bank balance. The same applies to young men.
In fact, I believe we should be making millionaires. We should have structures in place to support positive materialistic tendencies. These are called dreams or   visions. We should not be dream crushers.
The fact that we are quick to label certain individuals as materialistic shows to a large degree that we have failed to grasp the fact that ‘materials’ alone will not make anyone happy.  But there is nothing wrong with having materials.
I a looking forward to the day we start hosting workshops for young people   on how to become successful in sports, business, arts, career etc. We could actually start by finally knowing our millionaires in Botswana. How can we inspire our youth if ‘we’ millionaires are hiding?
Imagine what would happen to American youth if they did not know that the likes of Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Donald Trump and successful musicians such as the late Tupac Shakur and Michael Jackson lived amongst them? American would not be what it is today.
In South Africa we have the Nicky Oppenheims and the Johan Ruperts to mention a few. We have the Sawiris of Egypt etc.
It is common knowledge and I believe there are lot of young driven individuals who are motivated by these rich people. What is wrong with knowing our own tycoons? We are a nation full of secrecy even when it’s regressive.
Why are Batswana millionaires hiding? Is it because they do not want to be labelled as materialistic?
Let’s not judge those who have worldly materials but give them a chance and hopefully learn from them because they have at least grasped to a large extent our reason for existence.
I can’t wait to meet a local millionaire. If not, a list of top 50 rich people will do! Then I and thousands of other young people will have a variety to understudy these inspiring people and hopefully increase the number of millionaires in Botswana. Let’s know and celebrate them. These are the real celebrities!

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i think millionares should be left to decide if they want to be listed.
if it happens even the poorest people should be so that those millionaires can know whr 2 go if they want 2 help sm1


I agree with part of what you are saying. I think we are blessed to have such people among us and in fact we should yearn for more. I dont agree that they should be publicised. Batswana are not yet mature to deal with that kind of knowledge. I personally dont have anything against rich people as long as they acquire their riches through honest means. I also believe that politicians are not meant to be rich and once you see one calling themselves rich, it should raise questions as to how honest that wealth is. How do people become… Read more »