People and adults in particular are always going on about how teens need to delay engaging in sex. Generally, it’s advised that one waits till they are married. Like I’ve said before, it’s unfortunate that not every single one of us is going to get married but majority of us actually want children.

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The population of women is much greater than that of men, so this leaves a significant number of women without men. Well of course there’s an exception of polygamy but that seldom happens, anyhow, that’s a topic for another day.

We do know for a fact that of late there’s been an increase in the number of sexually active teens. This I must say has been made quite evident by the rapidly rising number of pregnant girls in junior schools, senior schools and of course tertiary institutes.

I had a chat with a couple of my friends about this issue, as to why teens are engaging in sexual activities earlier than teens in the olden days. One of my friends then suggested that it might be because of hormones which are changing as a result of food and the environment that we live in.

Well, it did make sense, I mean children are growing at a much faster rate not forgetting that they are curious and love to explore. I then asked my friends what they thought of encouraging youth to masturbate with the hope that they would delay engaging in sex.

I of course got different views from this group of people as expected, some made it clear that they don’t approve of the idea as it is immoral and against Gods’ will, with some saying they thought it was a great idea.
Would you not prefer your sister or brother to masturbate than actually have sex which just might result in them either getting pregnant or contracting HIV/AIDS? One might then ask, “what then happens if the child enjoys it and then wants to try out the real thing ?”.

Don’t get me wrong here guys, I would advise my sister or brother to completely abstain from sex including masturbating. But then when a need arises to address the issue, something has to be done. I’m one person who believes in tackling real situations and come up with solutions than hope for something that will probably not happen.

I spoke about this on the youth affairs show on yarona fm and even posted it on Facebook and here are some of the comments that I got:

Tsogo Sebego– This issue has been on my mind for the last two weeks. It seems sexual purity doesn’t exist anymore, it’s all about compromising. Either you are doing this or that, never nothing at all. It’s high time those 16year olds are taught the importance of their purity.

Modise Makhiwa Makhiwa– I don’t think they should be encouraged to masturbate because it’s not natural and they might end up being gays and lesbians.

Percy Slesh– This can only make them gays and lesbians, they better abstain, fa go pala (if they can’t) then they can use condoms not to masturbate.

Blaksoul Moagele– Kids should be taught how to pray not how to masturbate. They should be spiritual. I’m totally against masturbation, such activities can make them excited hence get interested in the real thing.

Divine Tee Keborwele -We shouldn’t encourage gotlhelele (at all). Addiction takes over and you become a masturbation junky. Eventually you forget the reality of life and forget checking on girls.

Theo Kefilwe W -They need to be spiritual to avoid masturbating.

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i go 4 mastabation””””””””””””

mis o

ke mathata fela waitse!


This is the only method for sexual gratification safe for males of all ages. It will not get anyone pregnant, costs nothing and there is no risk of sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS. Done in moderation, it can keep the man occupied for as long as he is not in a commited heterosexual relationship. I will try to read the bible again and look for this word, or a verse that mentions this practice and if we are fair to drag God into a private matter such as this. Most of the time God is worried if what we do… Read more »


Molato wa eng yet prostitution wud b legalised soon

kagiso Dintwe

This is not dignity its just lack of oppportunity


@ beautie…
Hahahahaaa! Hey lovey, ek lyk die morale neh! Masturbation is die one! E monate thwaaa…!


i wnt go 4 masturbation,teens sud b taught 2 abstain dz the onli solution


masturbation is a way 2 go,o ijeesa mnate blind……ke nna ke dira fa ke batla sex

chama boi

if u thnk is gud for u go for it bt nna ga le lerotoetse becoz i once dd it nd gues wat whn my galfrnd ws around i cudnt feel her at al so thys might mess ur mynd nd ur relationshp so becaful guys dnt dwell 2 much in it.