A renowned political analyst, Zibanani Maundeni has said that the current political scenario was too chaotic, making it difficult for one to tell what would happen at the polls in October.

“It is unclear and everything has no direction. The new political party, Botswana Patriotic Front has no leader and policies and its impact is yet to be seen, so it is difficult to make a proper assessment of the political landscape right now, “ said Maundeni.

The former University of Botswana lecturer however dismissed the BMD vs UDC court case as insignificant in the greater scheme of things. “Ke modumo wa dithopho.” (Election hype). He said the fact that the Umbrella was busy campaigning and fielding candidates, was a sign that they are not bothered by the court case. Meanwhile, Maundeni warned of vote splitting in the opposition camp because of the absence of Alliance for Progressive (AP) from the coalition.

“AP’s impact will affect opposition badly as it will lead to vote splitting and BDP will win again, even if it’s by a small margin,” he said. When quizzed further Maundeni said that the formation of BPF eases internal wranglings within the BDP and brings stability within the party.

“This is an important achievement for the BDP, it has regained its stability which had been shaken by Khama’s internal challenges while on the other hand, internal stability that is achieved through a split subtracts numbers from the BDP.”

He said that the state in which the party is in should bring urgency on the BDP and its leaders to carry out a more robust campaign. “This partly means the president must scale down his external travels and must personally give the campaign all he has got, his presidential helicopter must be busy traversing the Botswana landscape several times and repeating visits to areas heavily affected by the split, particularly the constituencies in the central district, including the Tswapong, Boteti and Bobirwa.”

He added that more resources need to be committed to such. He then warned the UDC to be cautious when thinking of forming a partnership with Khama. “He is a very decisive figure who has the potential to export BDP’s internal problems to the UDC. New internal problems for them could be devastating to the party and should be avoided at all costs.”

He explained that the party’s stability should be valued above any additional numbers that Khama may bring.

He however concluded by saying that there are a lot of uncertainties that cloud a clear prediction of the possible outcome of the next elections.