Mascom restore girl child's dignity
GRATEFUL: Letsholathebe (r) accepting the donation

Mascom Wireless donated over 2, 000 packets of sanitary pads worth P20, 000 to Masunga Senior Secondary School on Wednesday.

Mascom Senior Engineer, Metseatsile Lesogo described the donation as a form of ‘empowerment to the girl child’.

“This will increase their confidence and also reduce their vulnerability as some end up being used by people in return for money to buy pads,” highlighted Lesogo, her voice shaking with fierce emotion.

“According to UNESCO beautiful and talented girls drop out of school because of menstruation as they do not have pads to keep them happy and comfortable.

“When a girl child does not have pads they suffer personality growth, fear of coming to class and low self-esteem,” continued Lesogo, who noted the donation would put an end to girls having to use items such as ‘socks, scuffs, bathing towels, plastics and newspapers’ as substitutes for the real thing.

Speaking on behalf of the school, Masunga SSS Head, Mmadube Bana Letsholathebe praised the mobile giants for their precious gift.

“This is a very important gesture as we all know sanitary pads gives confidence and make one gain dignity, posture and strength,” remarked Letsholathebe.

Mascom restore girl child's dignity

ESSENTIAL: The donated pads

Meanwhile, the region’s Chief Education Officer, Kgomotso Angela Matlhape pleaded with Mascom to consider partnering with Masunga Senior on a regular basis.

“Our school is performing exceptionally well and if you can partner with us you will not regret it. I am thrilled for what you did to the girls and I wish you can extend the hand to other schools,” Matlhape closed.

One of the school’s most promising students and a grateful recipient of Mascom’s gesture, Ruth Masala said that their needs have been fulfilled.

“A wise man once said a happy girl is the prettiest. With the sanitary pads we received from Mascom we will have confidence and be happy in class,” she said, her words reflected in her infectious smile.

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