PROUD: Makhwade-Seboni

Cellular network company Mascom in partnership with Discover Digital this week introduced as a trial run, the much anticipated Digital Entertainment on Demand(DEOD) dubbed Mascom My Play.

The MY App DEOD allows the user to choose and decide what they what to watch when they want at their convenience.

Speaking at the event, Mascom Chief Operations Officer, Dzene Makhwade-Seboni, explained that “We are seeing a big shift in consumer behavior. Gone are the days where the broadcaster was in control of what the consumer should watch and when. Viewers of today have the power to decide what they want to see at their convenience and what appeals to them,” she said.

Makhwade-Seboni further added “we have decided to answer to the consumers call, we are responding with a way in which viewers can have a personalized way of viewing entertainment and on their terms.”

The packages include one day only services, weekend, weekly or even a monthly subscription.

According to Mascom, the streaming service will also have pay-per-view rentals which will carry the latest cinema releases which will be dubbed Mascom My Play cinema.

In their continued quest to reinvent themselves and stay relevant to their customers’ needs, Mascom also revealed that they intend to introduce live news channels.

“Additionally an account can have five devices,” Makhwade-Seboni further added.

The service will be rolled out to Mascom users soon whilst a call for content producers has been launched so as to have more local content within the platform. For this weekend users who use the data package “my mix’ will have a free trial run this Saturday only.

Mascom DEOD launch

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