YOUNG TALK: Mascom CEO Jose Couceiro with some of the students

In 2017, the Universal Access & Service Fund (UASF) awarded Mascom a project to upgrade base stations to enable 3G and provision broadband connectivity to government schools in the Kgalagadi Region.

The project involved provision of internet to 35 government schools in the region. These included 3 Junior Schools and 32 Primary Schools. Mascom was able to upgrade to 3G, 33 base stations in the Kgalagadi area, in order to improve coverage.

On the 12th March 2019, Mascom and the UASF held an event in Lokgwabe village to mark the successful completion of this project.

The project was duly handed over to the relevant ministries of Transport and Communications, Basic Education, and Local Government and Rural Development.

This project, once again, provided Mascom an opportunity to demonstrate their experience and technological edge in quality service delivery for projects that promote broadband connectivity for the benefit of rural communities in Botswana.

Mascom’s past similar projects included the following:

• Mascom eSchools Project
Undertaken in partnership with BOFINET to connect free internet to all public schools in Botswana. Currently 429 Primary Schools, 168 Junior Schools and 26 Senior Schools are connected. This project address the important issue of early internet access to children and digital inclusion.

• Tsena Botswana Online (
This portal (website), available for free and at no data costs to Mascom subscribers, headlines and aggregates local inspiring success stories about Botswana and her people. This project addresses issues of digital inclusion and online local content creation.

• Mascom Kitsong Centres
Born out of a partnership with Government to provide coverage to 41 underserved villages under the Nteletsa II project, Mascom has to date awarded 110 centres, to young entrepreneurs across Botswana where they provide a wide range of ICT services to their communities. This project address 2 important social issues of youth employment and bridging the rural urban digital divide.

GOOD TIMES AHEAD: Students happily welcomed the project

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