Seven primary schools in and around Selibe Phikwe had their education environment turned into information technology courtesy of a Mascom corporate social responsibility program.

The mobile company donated computers, printers and copiers after the Mascom Phikwe marathon which was held over the weekend in the copper mining town.
Speaking during the handover the chief human resources officer Gape Sebonego, said that since they started operating in Botswana they have “sponsored a lot of sporting codes” and it their desire to continue helping in promoting sport in country.

Sebonego noted that the world is becoming digitalized therefore it is high time children are taught information technology at an earlier stage.He said that the reason they are not concentrating in schools in Phikwe only is that the marathon covers areas even outside the mining town.

The chief human resources officers pledged that they will continue to support the government in IT development especially in schools.
The schools that benefited were Segomotso (Phikwe),Rauwe(Tonota),Lerala(Lerala), (Tonota), Moutlwatsi (Tonota),Mokubilo(Mokubilo) and Mokane(Letlhakane)primary schools.

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