SHAKE ON IT: Anthony Siwawa and Moleta at the signing ceremony

Botswana Post Chief Executive Pele Moleta says their partnership with Mascom through its mobile money service, Myzaka, will help with diversifying and modernising the company’s products.
Speaking at a the signing ceremony with Mascom as the latest authorised agent of the Mascom Money Myzaka, Moleta said they continuously review their portfolio  to accommodate new technological advances such as the money service by Mascom.
Moleta said Mascom customers have a convenient secure and affordable way of managing money on their phones through one central point, a trusted brand that has been in business since 1875, namely the Post Office.

The Botswana Post boss said their partnership with Mascom would benefit customers with diversification and modernization of products and services to meet the needs and expectations of the modern consumer. “We continued to review our business portfolio to accommodate the new technological advances such as the mobile money that we are launching through the Mascom partnership,” he said.
Apart from Botswana Post being a tried and tested brand Moleta said the other benefit of the partnership was consolidation of related services in one central point to better serve the customers.

“Botswana Post has been providing sales of airtime and sim cards on behalf of Mascom. The portfolio has expanded to accommodate MyZaka Mascom Money. Through the MyZaka Mascom Money service, Mascom customers have a convenient, secure and affordable way of managing money on their phones,” he said.
Mascom’s Chief Commercial Officer, Thabo Matthews, said their recent partnership with Choppies has helped customers to access the MyZaka service across over fifty shops around the country. “Today I am happy to announce, in keeping with our quest to have over 300 MyZaka agents across the country by the end of the year, that you are here to witness the ‘take on’ of Botswana Post as a MyZaka agent.”

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